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Cannibal Corpse / Bloodthirst

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BloodthirstBloodthirst is the seventh studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, and the third to feature George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher as vocalist. It was released in 1999 through Metal Blade Records.

The Analysis:

Pounded Into Dust—-Leaving little time to prepare yourself for the onslaught, this track really does live up to its name……from the onset, the classic beatdown is all over the track. George enters and the song takes on an almost demented delivery. This has nice breaks, a fantastic melody,,,,and some screams that are amazing. still a favorite track of mine!!!!

Dead Human Collection—-Relentless drums and a nice guitar squeal introduce the song….George is not far behind. There are huge, nice movements in this track….sklow….fast…slow fast……allowing for an actual melody to form despite the mayhem. this is wonderful…..brilliant and demonic…bloody and beautiful!!!!

Unleashing The Bloodthirsty—-Beginning with a bit more of a dirge, this track in particular, paints a picture of some of the brilliance that is to come with later releases. The slower and bass heavy melody allows even more gore vocals and screams…this was a great recipe to take the band to a higher level….this is a VERY favorite track of mine!!!!

The Spine Splitter—-With 3 seconds to catch your breath, you are smacked once again with the traditional ramblings of CC…this is fantastic. The intermittent growl….mixed wioth the scream makes this monumental. The squealing guitar is nice…but the bass heavy delivery makes it perfect!

Ecstasy In Decay—-Wow…this has a melody right from the opening notes of the song!!!! This is primo stuff……listening to this with headphones, you realize how great the production really is…as the sound travels from ear to ear. George has never sounded better and the bass section of this band is so damn important…this is a classic and fantastic track!!!!

Raped By The Beast—-Nice guitar breaks and squeals right at the start, the vocal is a bit to guttural, but the music rises above it. the instrumentation takes you on a journey all by itself. the drums are incredible and the rhythm section adds layers and layers to the song. the leads come at you almost in waves….just fantastic!!!!

Coffin Feeder—-Wow…what a great bass line……..people think that making this type of music is so easy…this stuff has structure and organization….the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it. This is not thrash mayhem…this is organized melody placed with insanity?!!!!!

Hacksaw Decapitation—-This is different…..the track comes from the fog and builds and builds until it explodes your eardrums……the onslaught is there….but they actually makes you wait for it……this is worth the wait once the hell breaks loose…this is brilliant….layered, fast and exquisite….the guitarts squeal and make me hard….the vocal hits your gut….and the graveyard comes through your headphones……

Blowtorch Slaughter—-Leaving you little time to catch your breath, this track kicks in again with a vengeance. There are overlayed vocals on this track that makes it really unigue….sometimes giving the song a machine feel. This is full of sustained bass…..huge freakin drums and a bit of vocal manipulation that makes it a favorite!!!!

Sickening—-Returning to full on brutal assault, the band sound in this early release much as it sounds today….afterall, consistency is the key!!!!!

Condemned To Agony—-Ending this release in classic brutal form, the music starts right at the onset in a huge barrage followed by George delivering line after line of perverted fantasy….the guitar breaks and the superhuman drums,………that is what keeps me coming back…the words are fantasy…the music is real as hell!!!!

**** 1/4 out of 5



Cannibal Corpse / Eaten Back To Life

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Eaten Back to Life

Eaten Back to Life is the debut album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse.[1] It was released on 17 August 1990 through Metal Blade Records. The album was banned in Germany (censored versions were not available,[2] but the ban was revoked in June 2006) and other countries because of the violent cover and the extreme nature of the lyrics.[citation needed] Glen Benton of Deicide and Francis H. Howard of Opprobrium (then known as Incubus) perform back-up vocals on “Mangled” and “A Skull Full of Maggots”.

The following statement can be found in the inlay of this album: “This album is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Packer, the first American cannibal (R.I.P.)”

This album has stronger influences of thrash metal than their future releases, as well as a slightly varied vocal style. Their trademark style wasn’t present until their following release Butchered at Birth.

The Analysis:

Shredded Humans—-right out of the gate, there is a classic sound to this release that allows the die-hard fan to know whom they are listening to. The vocal is not quite as deep and the guitar squeals are not as present………in fact…you can actually catch a word or two on this debut release. There are nice bass related downshifts……the band is discovering it’s way…this is fantastic…the very beginning!!!!!

Edible Autopsy—-With a much more thrash oriented feel, this almost makes me think of classic Testament…although it is a bit more chaotic. The vocal is so much more accessible on this debut release….and the future is clearly laid out in the sound of this release….it really gives you a feel as to where the band is going. the production is full of tin…..but they all start there right? The intent is so very clear though….the promise of the future is in cement with this release…this is a collectors dream!!!!!!

Put To Death—-Coming out of a split second of silence and building and building in intensity, this is a remarkable track. This is almost classic CC…the vocals are raw and rampaging………the energy is extraordinary…the only difference is the literal so-so version of the music that is presented……but it evolves!!!!!!

Mangled—-The song title matches the intensity of the song perfectly……this is relentless and is the future sound of the band. It is almost impossible to catch even a single word of the song…it comes at you like an Afghan bullet brigade….but the intent and feeling is clear…this is was new and shocking….this was the future for every band that came after in the Florida scene…….and there is none other more known than CC!!!!!

Scattered Remains—-Much more drudge driven at the onset, the drums are incredible on this track…in fact the entire rhythm section is awesome…..the vocal enters and transforms the entire track into mayhem….but the music never looses the focus…this is so much more thrash driven than later releases…….incredible history right here!!!!

Born In A Casket—-Full of mangled guitars and an intense thrash delivery, this track is one of my favorite on this release……there are huge chord changes and musical shifts that really got me…I listen to this over and over. The vocal is as expected……but it is the music that is so powerful on this song….the shift changes only gives us a glimpse of the future,….this is incredible!!!!

Rotting Head—-From the onset, this is much more Metal than Death…….until the vocal….the voice is huge on this track……there is barely a word you can catch….but the intensity is evident. I love the downshift in the music and the super talent it takes to speed up…slow down…almost stop and allow for the bass,……this is incredible……..from the onset, this band was a legend!!!!

The Undead Will Feast—-Nothing remarkable…….deveastating and unrelenting… you would expect….the vocal is almost barking punk rock…..would love to hear the band do this circa 2012!!!!!!

Bloody Chunks—-The growl at the onset of this song sets the entire freakin tone….this is so fast and convoluted…you never catch a drift od lyrics…all you get is energy……..wanting to throw yourself in the pit and celebrate the embrace of pure Grind…..

Skull Full Of Maggots—-At the onset, this almost feels like ther are two sets of drums playing at the same time……the trademark guitar squeals make their entrance here…..and the double vocal is incredible….thanks Mr. Benton…no one does is better…..there are incredible down shifts in the song that are key to the delivery……still one of my faves on this release.

Buried In The Backyard—-An EXTRAORDINARY Instrumental!!!!

Born In A Casket—-And indeed, George revisits this classic in a live setting….adding a brutality and range you never thought possible…….the live insertion of this is just brilliant. This man knows this catalog…..and the drums on this track…live……are incredible!!!!!

**** out of 5







Cannibal Corpse / Live Cannibalism

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Live CannibalismLive Cannibalism is a live album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, released in 2000 through Metal Blade Records. It was also released as a DVD.Most of the album was recorded live at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI on February 16, 2000. Tracks 3, 5, 6, 12 & 15 were recorded the day prior (February 15, 2000) at The Emerson Theater in Indianapolis.

The Analysis:

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead—-The intro to a live release is always the best…you can feel the energy surge through the crowd…this is no exception. as the show gets underway, i am rather surprised with the slow progression of the track…..but once the stellar vocal arrives…I am at home and comfortable. I would imagine it is very difficult to capture a band like this live… is as good as the recorded version…even if the music is a bit muted at times!

Blowtorch Slaughter—-With less than a second of respite, the band finally launches into full-blown mayhem. The music is much more upfront on this track…as well as allowing room for the vocal…this is brutal…played with precision and amazing in energy!

Stripped, Raped And Strangled—-The energy on this track is amazing…the lyrics and ideas almost comical…but that is CC…a more brutal Gwar for the under covers!!!! There is no break between songs…almost hard to even know this is a live release…the production is stellar. The deep bass of the song really sounds studio worthy….and George just rips his guts out singing this shit….amazing!

I Cum Blood—-a perennial live favorite, it is hard to imagine the band could ever leave this out of the live show…EVER!!!! This is one track you hear clear crowd support…incredibly delivered and sounding almost like a master recording….I’m still impresses with the quality of this recording….always a favorite of mine!!!!

Covered With Sores—-As George eggs on the crowd, the band launches into a lesser known track that is deeper in sound and filled with a nice bass driven dirge. The track….I’m sure is designed to give the band a chance to catch up from the opening mayhem…even george sings a bit more relaxed until mid track where hell is right back in place….incredible!!!!

Fucked With A Knife—-Obviously a huge crowd favorite, you can hear the commotion occurring in the background. This track is ultra fast and ultra violent….you have to love the energy…the aggression and the way the crowd reacts to a favorite demented track!

Unleashing The Bloodthirsty—-George delivers line after line that is full of incredible energy…..damn…doesn’t this guy ever get worn out? This is amazing….full on thrash/deathcore that is unrelenting. the deep sound the band produces is amazing…I love this song……not really a well-known track…but really growing on me…..

Dead Human Collection——This is so amazingly fast and full od those guitar squeals I love so much from this band….I get so excited listening to this release…the qualioty is almost like you are right there in the arena…..this is an amazing release to me…the production is TOP-NOTCH… can even catch more words live than on the recorded versions…..

Gallery Of Suicide—-One of the bands best known ‘singles’, this is much more dirge driven and a personal favorite. I love the deep feel of the song…this IS deathcore!!!!! The live version is done as well as any recorded version you can find…and leaves me pissed as hell I did not catch this tour….George is incredible…and the drums and bass are massive!!!! Did I mention there is some great melody on this track?

Meat Hook Sodomy—-Another classic track that is filled with Mayhem and Aggression…the guitar breaks on this track are just incredible. George delivers a classic live vocal that is almost better than the studio version. This is pretty incredible…the puke and putrid feel of the song transports to live performance without even trying!!!!

Perverse Suffering—-From one of my favorite releases from this band, this track is sheer brutality!!!!! There is no room to catch your breath…you can tell the band has had time to warm up as the pace is electric and the delivery is maddening. This is an incredible live version of one of my favorites….Death/Thrash very best!!!!

The Spline Splitter—-This has a different feel and t=you can tell it was recorded elsewhere…the sound is much more muted and disconnected…this is a favorite track of mine…but this live version falls a bit flat…the only saving grace is the lightening speed which it is played!

Gutted—-I love this track because of the great rhythm section at the onset…the song quickly dissolves into mayhem…but the melodic content always plays in the backdrop. the vocal is as you have come to expect…but the instrumentation….is brilliant…magnificent~!!!!!

I Will Kill You—-Again, this has a different tone…but the energy is incredible. George can sing from his guy like no other Death Metal singer ever…..this is brilliant…one of my favorite tracks on this live release….just for the intensity and vocal style!!!!

Devoured By Vermin—-Another of those classic CC releases, this transposes live as well as it does on the recorded version. The vocal is remarkable……full of speed….distasyte and putrid hate…..Damn…I love this that healthy?

Disposal Of The Body—-Aggressive….brutal and so fast you can not catch your breath…..can there be anymore comments made?????

A Skull Full Of Maggots—-Rounding out this epic show with two classics, this is a song that the band has played for years without falter. The sound on this mix is a bit full of tin…but the vocal is great…even though even it seems removed. This is nice but leaves me wanting the recorded version…..

Hammer Smashed Face—–Of course, saving one of the best for last, it is too bad the production was not as well executed as on the previous tracks…this is a fantastic track…and the guitar squeals just make me smile for days….I love this brutal shit…….Damn!!!!

**** out of 5

Wolves In The Throne Room / Celestial Lineage

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Celestial Lineage

Wolves in the Throne Room is a black metal band based in Olympia, Washington.

Their sound is influenced by Scandinavian black metal, doom metal, dark ambient, crust punk, and folk music. WITTR has often cited American post-metal band Neurosis as a key inspiration because their music “operates on a deep and intense mythic level.”[1] They have also mentioned synthesizer artists like Popol Vuh as an influence.[2] According to the band, one of the founding concepts of WITTR is to channel the “energies” of the Pacific Northwest’s landscape into musical form.[3]

The band’s lyrics focus on themes of Apocalypse, transformation and modern society’s lost connection with the natural world.

The Analysis:

Thuja Magus Imperion—-Opening the release with an epic 12 minute track, the band sets the tone and leaves you anxious for the onslaught that you know is about to occur. by using ambient sounds and gentle female chanting, the anticipation level only becomes more anxiety producing. This is wonderfully beautiful at the onset…causing me a momentary panic that i had been presented with the wrong CD!!!! Come the 3 minute mark, the sound of the band begins to slowly emerge and you know that you are in the right place. the deep tone and the intense delivery continues to grow and grow as the seconds pass and you are once again firmly planted in what is possibly one of the best Scandinavian sounding American bands to ever emerge. This reminds me of classic Emperor so much….but all the while still maintaing a magic melodic sound that was missing from much of the music from the afore-mentioned band. This is brutal, melodic, orchestrated…dark as hell and just plain masterful!!!

Permanent Changes In Consciousness—-This short interlude only serves to keep you off-balance and allow you respite from the heavy darkness of this bands music…the chants are magnificent…the slight crackle and pop in the backdrop is like listening to an old favorite record. This is brilliant…the mood changes are just enough to cause you a pleasant nausea!

Subterranean Initiation—-With no introduction, the onslaught occurs from the very first note of this song…leaving you breathing heavily by the end of the first minute of this 7 minute track. The vocal is incredible…full of puke and regurgitation, anger and vehemence. this is noisy, heavily layered and delivered with a slight underproduced sound that makes me smile. this is just as the dr. ordered….go and have some fun…this is a freakin’ vacation!!!!

Rainbow Illness—-Another slight interlude designed to keep you off-balance and give you a moment to breath, this only builds up your stamina for the next three epic tracks that will leave you breathless and orgasmic. This is largely composed of ambient sounds and layered textures…but still brilliant!

Woodland Cathedral—-Beginning rather sedate, you can feel the underlying edge to the track despite it though. This is magical stuff…..I find it almost impossible to believe that this band is born and bred in the US of A……Wow!!! The gentle effects that run through the backdrop of the song only sets the tone for the rest of the release. The female enchantress returns and allows you to relax….almost settling yourself in to a gentle Enya style track…but have no fear…the true mayhem is not far from what we have come to expect…this is just designed to whet your buds….you thirsty yet?

Astral Blood—-Returning to the more familiar dark aggression, the surprising thing for me on this track is how much more in front of the mix the drums are…nice! This still sounds so Scandinavian….almost like the production is MEANT to sound subpar…to remind us of the glory days of the past Black Metal giants. The vocal is demonic and angry….driven and full of vitriol. This is just brilliant. The track…at almost 11 minutes is full of various movements, moods and effects…but comes together like a masterful Mashed Potato and Gravy dish. This is filling…but still leaves you wanting more…fantastic!!!!

Prayer Of Transformation—-Rounding out the release with yet another epic track……zeroing in at 11 minutes long, this band has no problem with jamming and presenting many diffeent moods all in one song. theffedback and reverb on this song are incredible…giving the entire thing an even darker feeling than anything else thus far heard on this particular release. This is huge, epic and full of a Sabbath like doom that takes you from where you are and lands you in the cold and dark areas of Europe you wish you could be….all of this from a Washington State based band. This is just incredible….I love the darkness, the aggression that comes out of nowhere and the vocal that sounds like it was ripped from the throat of others. Can’t wait to hear more from this band!!!!

**** out of 5

FleshGod Apocalypse / Agony

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Fleshgod Apocalypse was formed during 2007 and recorded their first demo the same year. The demo was re-released the following year on a split CD with fellow Italian bands Septycal Gorge, Modus Delicti, and Onirik. Fleshgod Apocalypse then signed to Neurotic Records. In early 2008 the band toured Europe, supporting bands like Behemoth, Origin, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Napalm Death and many more.

In May 2008, the band recorded its first full-length album, Oracles. In December of that year the band decided to part ways with Neurotic Records and signed with Willowtip Records, who released Oracles in 2009.

Shortly after the release of Oracles in 2009, the band had a lineup change, with a new member, Tommasso Ricardi taking over vocals and rhythm guitar, which were previously handled by Francesco Paoli, as Paoli took over the drums at this time.

In 2010, Fleshgod Apocalypse released a new EP entitled Mafia. It includes four new tracks and a cover of the track “Blinded by Fear” by At the Gates.

Until 2010, current Fleshgod Apocalypse drummer Francesco Paoli was simultaneously in his former band Hour of Penance doing vocals, as well as drumming in Fleshgod Apocalypse. Also in 2010, another new member, Francesco Ferrini, was added to the band to play keyboards. Ferrini had previously played session keyboards on Oracles and Mafia.

In May 2011, the band signed a worldwide deal with German record label Nuclear Blast Records.[1] The band has set the release date for their forthcoming second album, entitled Agony, as August 9, 2011.[2] The iTunes version of Agony also includes a cover of the track Heartwork by Carcass.

Fleshgod Apocalypse is part of the 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour in North America alongside co-headliners Whitechapel and The Black Dahlia Murder. The band is set to go on tour in the US with Polish band Decapitated in late 2011.

The Analysis:

Temptation—-With typical ‘technical’ flair, the band opens this release with a mysterious and dark musical intro that seems to set the tone for the onslaught that will occur over the next nine songs…..the intro…a bit drawn out, is intense and full of build-up none the less……leading into……

The Hypocrisy—-Once the said onslaught occurs, there is no stopping the barrage of sound that comes through your headphones. the drums are as good as anything that Borgir has ever produced! The sound of the band is huge…with my only complaint being the inability of the vocal…but the intent is clear. there are some fantastic clean vocals mixed through the song and a few female or really high male vocals that makes this one of my new very favorite bands….go Italy!!!!

The Imposition—-The musical delivery on this release is so intense and grand…..the high spikes from the keyboards are magnificent!!! The vocal is as dark as it can possibly get and the drums are absolute in layered noise and speed. this is like a walk in mayhem that somehow leaves my eardrums full of blood and a joker like smile on my face…..BRILLIANT!!!!

The Deceit—-Relentless in delivery, the drum assault on this CD never lets up for a single moment….impressivly enough, nor does the underlying melody of the whole damn thing. I really love this…calling it my newest favorite band in this genre at the moment. This has such promise…the overlays on the vocals are incredible…the higher pitched voice makes this record complete. This is practised and delivered with integrity…I am truly in love…again…..

The Violation—-From the onset, this track again has a huge sense of melody despite the chaos that runs underneath the entire damn thing. The vocal enters and you are transported to a cold and desolate place…ummmm…..not Italy!!!! The drums are just incredible and remain the star of the band…with the keys being second in command. this is stellar…the clean vocal gives me a massive erection….placed perfectly in the placement of the song and seemingly higher with the intensity of each song….this is incredible!!!!

The Egoism—-Another of those massive 6+ minute tracks, this is layered in both noise and huge orchestration. The chord changes are so practised, it is almost hard to believe that this band has not been around for 10 years. I wish the vocal was a little less intense, but none the less, the clean vocals save every song from becoming just like everyone else. this is a huge almost operatic piece of music…the drums seem cleaner and clearer and the keys provide a backdrop that set the mood for the entire composition. this is stellar stuff…don’t miss this band if you can help it!

The Betrayal—-Maniacal from the onset, this is layered with huge sounds upon huge sounds! The keyboards are an intricate part of this song and this band…right next to the drums which are almost superhuman. The vocal is again, a bit to deep and barked…almost impossible to understand…but the energy is contagious and will keep me charged for days. This is incredible….when all of the instruments are in synch and playing at once, the band literally produces that ‘wall of sound’ that you hear so much about. the bass guitar is ignored but noticed by me…it would not be the same band without it. I love this shit…..a pure barrage of garbage that sits in my living room with no smell at all……I am in love!!!!

The Forsaking—-Built on riffs from the previous track, it is almost impossible to tell when one song becomes the other…until the break occurs. The vocal that happens at the beginning of the song is much more to my lkiking…..less deep and more menancing…somewhat distorted and delivered in the back of the mix rather than in your forehead. this is a much more technical track…the music is the star of the show and allows the band to really shine…..this is stellar!!!!

The Oppression—-Returning to full on throttle Death, this is a track that i keep playing over and over and over. the energy is incredible…the chord changes happen on the turn of a dime. the drums are pounding my cerebellum like a hammer and the blood courses through my temples at an alarming rate. this is fantastic. The clean vocals ride in the back of the song and takes it from incredible to magnificent. This is just beyond words for me!!!!

Agony—-Ending the release in a ver surprising way, the beginning of this track is stark and almost borders on beautiful…leaving me even more impressed than I was to begin with. the piano that introduces this song is of orchestrated magnificence…they have a hell of a keyboard player with this one…you guys better keep this guy!!! This is just incredible…showing talent, diversity and a bit of indulgence…..but a great cornerpiece to introduce the band with. This is pure magic…….

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Macabre / Grim Scary Tales

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Grim Scary Tales

Macabre is an extreme metal band from Illinois. They were formed in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois, and have never had a line-up change. They blend thrash metal, death metal, and grindcore (sometimes with nursery rhymes and folk melodies) to form their own unique style dubbed murder metal. Lyrically, they have a strong focus on serial killers, mass murderers and a touch of sick gore humour. Most lyrics are based upon true stories and are about real infamous personalities. The content of the lyrics is historically accurate, and band members actually have known and met with convicted serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy on a personal level. They also have a side project called the Macabre Minstrels that play acoustic camp fire songs. Their current label is Decomposed Records.

Macabre’s music was strongly influenced by US and UK hardcore, grindcore, and death metal acts, ranging from The Accüsed and Cryptic Slaughter to Possessed and Napalm Death. Macabre’s sickening sense of humour alienated casual metal listeners. However, it helped to gain a small but strong cult status among gore metal fans.

The Analysis:

Locusta—-This is so familiar and nice to hear after such a long time with no new material. The sound is consistent…the swirling and heavy lead guitars…the high hats on the drums….and that damn voice…which still manages to sound as demented as hell. The energy is incredible…the leads are wire filled and remind me of classic King Diamond. Nice!!!

Nero’s Inferno—-Returning to the campy sound that this band is known for, this takes of the fun of a campfire song….resplendenat with almost theatrical vocals. This is such great fun…until you really listen to the lyrics and then you are led down a road questioning your sanity since you found such a song so much fun. This is classic Macabre…..I would expect nothing less!!!!

The Black Knight—-Taking on the subject of the last Cradle release, the band delivers an aggressive yet still fun track that conjures up the darkest days of Giles De Rais…..the guitar solos on this track are incredible…the bass is masterful and the drums have a nice share of cow bell sounds. the voice is deeper in tone, but still brings about a fun sound…until you really listen!!!!

Dracula—-Deep and bass heavy as you would expect, there are some chords in this song that are just massive. The drums, combined with the bass provide all the darkness you need. The vocal enters with a demented delivery…taking you to an even darker place. This is pretty phenomenal…I’m always so impressed with this very long-standing grim band!!!!

The Big Bad Wolf—-Delivering what should perhaps be the theme song for this band, this is a pretty apt title. Taking the predictable Nursery Rhyme route that you would expect, that does not last forever. The drums on this track are literally incredible and the vocal delivery is full of dementia. This is energetic, dark and scary as hell. this is one of my favorite tracks on this release…just because it is so HUGE!!!!

Countess Bathory—-Beginning with a huge lead guitar sound, the song is almost crisp and clean at the onset. When the vocal enters, I am almost shocked…sounding like early Metallica or a pre-pubescent Mustaine!!! This is thrashing, metallic and full of a unique energy I have not heard from this band in a long time…masterful…another favorite!!!!

Burke And Hare—-Much deeper and more in tune with what i expect from this band, this is stellar from the onset. the lead in is long and drawn out…the drums are huge! Just when you begin to lose interest in the whole thing, there are chord changes and the entrance of a pretty maniacal vocal. This is classic Macabre…just what I needed to hear at the time…even injuecting the track with a nice sing song dose of humor…classic!!!

Mary Ann—-Wow…..I’m impressed by the rhythmic quality of the song from the very onset….not just the usual thrash that you recognize with this band. The vocal is damn pleasant and accessible….you could hear this damn thing on the radio…until you read the lyrics….LOL!!! This is perhaps one of the most accommodating songs this band has ever made…still brutal in content, but damn pleasant to listen to!!!!

The Bloody Benders—-Another bit of a surprise to me, this has a remarkable ‘countrified’ delivery that makes me laugh out loud to myself. This is freakin’ fantastic….I would expect nothing less from this band…how fantastic is this? BLUEGRASS METAL!!!!!

Lizzie Borden—-Returning to a much more familiar ground and sound, this is truly classic Macabre!!!! The driving lead guitars and the machine gun drums all laid over the vocal that seems to be driven by mania. Gosh, I would love to sit down and talk with this guy…I bet he is a fountain of information. This is not a disappointment…exactly what I would expect just from the title of the song alone!!!!

The Ripper Tramp From France—-Beginning with a huge Maiden drum trample, the song dissolves into complete mania. The only thing that stays consistent is the trampling beat that comes from the drums. The vocal is indiscpherable….but the song is as evil as you would demand from the band….thank God for lyric sheets.

Bella The Butcher—-Returning to the nursery rhyme rhetoric that the band has become famous for, this is no disappointment for the true fans of the band. this spoken word track is remarkable….the lesson is learned and you just laugh your way into the mayhem of music that occurs mid way through the song. The fat lady kills the men after the act….come into my web says the spider to the fly…..fantastic!!!!!

The Kiss Of Death—-Delivering really nice drums and bass sections at the onset of the track, this is a loud and aggressive track. The leads enter the scene and the song really begins to move at an incredible pace. The vocal is so erratic that it almost impossible to catch a word…but you cannot turn away from the aggression. This is fantastic for me…I love this!!!!

The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor—-Layered with sound and aggressive drums from the first note! I don’t think this drummer gets near enough mention in the evolution of this band. The vocal is what you would expect……dissolving into that familiar sing song delivery that you are accustomed to and at times reminding me of Gwar. The musicianship is tight as hell though…and that has really captured me on this release…much more than the content or vocal!

**** 1/2 out of 5


Arch Enemy / Khaos Legions

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Khaos Legions

Khaos Legions is the eighth studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Arch Enemy, it was released on May 30, 2011 by Century Media. The record marks a return to new, original material, after releasing the Tyrants of the Rising Sun – Live in Japan live CD/DVD (2008) and The Root of All Evil (2009) which consisted of a selection of re-recorded songs from the band’s back catalog.

Khaos Legions debuted at number 78 on the Billboard 200, selling around 6,000 copies. This surpasses both Doomsday Machine and Rise of the Tyrant, making it the bands highest-charting effort so far.

The Analysis:

Khaos Overture [Instrumental]—-Beginning much as you would expect, the intro to this release is full of urgency, darkness and a brutality that is only a slight taste of things to come. All the while, this by now seasoned band gives a nice melodic flair to the onslaught…bringing only a big smile to my face!!!

Yesterday Is Dead and Gone—-Right out of the gate, the track is aggressive as hell…there is a nice guttural scream from Angela and then the mayhem ensues. It is just beyond belief that that voice comes out of this lady. The song is firm in the formula of the band…the melody and the structure is what we have come to expect. The amazing thing to me is the exceptional musicianship…it seems the band has developed even more in the few years they have been gone…..fantastic!!!

Bloodstained Cross—-There is so much energy right from the onset of this song, I have problems staying seated. Angela again delivers a death scream that almost makes me hard. This is a pummeling track…the drums are amazing and the leads that go off into solos are magnificent. Angela gets some nice squeals to her voice that off set the deep tones rather nicely…this is a true return to form!!!

Under Black Flags We March—-Beginning with a bit of a downtrodden beat, the song slowly builds…at times sounding like classic 80’s Heavy Metal….all that illusion is dashed once Angela opens her mouth. This is nice, the melody sticks in your brain…but the song is unremarkable…except for the chorus…which is catchy as hell…..repeat, repeat and repeat…..

No Gods, No Masters—-Returning to full on aggression, the band again seems to deliver a slight retro sound that is only amped up by the vocal. This is pretty damn catchy though…even with the vocal as rough as it is. Angela actually seems more accessible than I can ever remember her sounding. This has a nice ebb and flow to the feel of the music…there is a huge marching beat to the backdrop that only fuels the adrenaline rush…a favorite of mine.

City Of The Dead—-Nice….right from the onset!!!! The huge sound that this band manages to produce is just incredible. Angela delivers line after line of deep and incredible sounds that defies most other Metal singers. This is one band I have not seen live…but must catch them on this tour!!!!

Through The Eyes Of A Raven—-Again, this is aggressive right out of the gate. The bass and drums are the leaders on this track and the result is pretty damn fantastic. This band has a pretty incredible rhythm section…that falls into place very well once the rest of the band kicks in. Musically, this is very Dimmu Borgir to me……even the vocal is not that far off…although Angela sings in a bit more mechanical voice than Shagrath. None the less, one of the other best tracks on this release.

Cruelty Without Beauty—-This is rather odd at the onset……a bit mechanical and atmospheric…..but the little trickles of sounds slowly build until you are set smack in the middle of mayhem. This has a rhythmic quality to it that is just perfect for head banging and moshing. Angela sounds literally possessed on this song…I have never heard her sound more angry and demented. This is remarkable!!!! The slight electronic sounds that pop up on this track are a surprise, but make it incredible!!!

We Are A Godless Entity—-Coming out of the dark with a rather ominous and deep bass intro, the song begins like an unworldly ballad that is set for modern times. The track takes a bit to get going…but once the entire band kicks in, there is an underlying melody that will stick in your brain for a very long time. This is huge and epic……the track will not let you down and is perhaps one of the best and remarkable little interludes I have ever heard.

Cult Of Chaos—-Melding magically from the previous interlude, the time to play is over. this is brutal…driving, aggressive and will leave you feeling like you just got a beatdown!!! This is fantastic….Angela sounds literally possessed and delivers some screams that must have left her voice raw. This is brutal….fantastic and left me in a heap on the floor!!!!

Thorns In My Flesh—-With little time to catch your breath, this is right out of the gate the most aggressive track on this CD. The band and the vocal begin during the VERY first second of the song and never gives you respite for the entire length. the energy and the brutality is incredible…but the song still manages to have a structure and a feel to it that allows for an underlying melody. This is fantastic!!!!

Turn To Dust/Vengeance Is Mine—-Returning to a more somber and low-key intro, the band begins with a slow almost electric acoustic feel for the introduction…it rather made me smile…..I knew it would not last too long…and I was right. This drummer is just stellar…I love the urgency and the rapid fire delivery….besides the vocal, the drums are the true star of this ENTIRE release….I love it. The vocal is as you have come to expect…the leads on this track are exceptional though…this is a seasoned sounding band…the fingers are moving fast as hell on this song….I love this shit!!!!

Secrets—-Huge and epic in sound from the very first notes of the song, this dissolves into mayhem and a remarkable almost Industrial sounding track that made me smile even more than the rest of the record. This is stron….but the vocal seems removed to the back a bit on this song…the leads are so in your face it is almost impossible to hear anything else. Still, this is stellar and WAY better than I expected!!!!

 **** 1/2 out of 5

Deicide / To Hell With God

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To Hell With God

To Hell with God is the tenth studio album by the American death metal band Deicide. The follow-up to Till Death Do Us Part (2008), it was originally intended to be released in 2009[1] before being pushed back to a 2010[2] release, and was finally released on February 15, 2011 through Century Media Records.[3]

On January 11th, 2011 the Song “Hang in Agony Until You’re Dead” was debuted on Deicide’s MySpace page in full for streaming.

The Analysis:

To Hell With God—-Picking up and delivering much in the same vein the band has for many years, this song is full of classic Benton blasphemy and incredible Owen riffs. There is a nice bit of melody on this track…allowing you to breathe on occasion during the song. This band never disappoints….if you want dark and brutal, you got it!!!

Save Your—-I love how this track begins…the drums are AMAZING…both in volume and speed. The deep sounds of the bass are incredible and Glen delivers line after line like a machine gun. This lacks the melody part of the song…at times a bit chaotic….but would we really expect anything else. Sometimes, Glen scares the yell outta me!!!

Witness Of Death—-Sounding more Metallica than Deicide at the onset, there is a refreshing feeling to the difference in sound. Once Benton opens his mouth and delivers line after line of anti-religion rhetoric, you are sure you are listening to the right band. I am still surprised at times, after all of these years, that this guy can still sing like this and with such range. The overlayed vocals are fantastic…one of my favorite tracks from this release.

Conviction—-At the onset, this has a much more mainstream feel to it…the lines are pretty crisp from Owen…but the drums kick in and the hyper delivery begins. Benton enters with his vocal and it is delivered in an almost hypnotic and rhythmic feel that suck me in right from the onset. This is another favorite track of mine…and you can actually catch many of the lyrics without help!!! Magnificent…but dark none the less!!! I swear the guitar solo reminds me of Mercyful Fate!!!!

Empowered By Blasphemy—-With little time to catch your breath, this song begins and sounds a bit underproduced to me…the sound of the track lacks a bit of the shine of previous tracks. The band saves the day…this drummer is fucking stellar….delivering minute after minute of hyperactive machine gun speed that blows my mind. The joint vocals or overlays really provide a nice full sound to the song….and when Owen goes off on his solo…you are really reminded of the old days.

Angels Of Hell—-This is really nice….well produced with some good head phone speaker play, the song again reminds me of early Mercyful Fate…until Glen opens his mouth. The marked difference with this track is the nice overlay on the vocal, the almost addictive melody and the drums as ALWAYS. This has a nice ebb and flow to it…building you up a bit and lying low for a moment…definte must have track from this release!!!!

Hang In Agony Until You’re Dead—-The first track to be streamed from this release, it still is less than my favorite from this CD. This is nice, but seems like a re-tread of some material from the last release. I still have to commend the incredible guitars…and the drums which shatter my brain with precision, speed and accuracy!!!

Servant Of The Enemy—-Right out of the gate, this track is delivered with speed, desolation and chaos. One thing that holds the song together is the amazingly clear vocal from Benton…not what i am accustomed to!!! This is brutal…the higher pitched overlay is freaking fantastic and rounds out the song. when Benton delivers his little nursery rhyme at the midpoint of the song….I just sit and smile!!!!

Into The Darkness You Go—-A bit predictable but still delivered with fresh brutality, the song takes a remarkable turn once the vocal enters the fray. This is almost addictive…despite the sometimes chaotic flavor of the music. I am blown away…despite the content and the religious backlash, this is stellar. This has a really nice rhythmic feel to it…just fantastic!!!!

How Can You Call Yourself A God—-Ending this rather generic and predictable release with a song that has a slight 80’s metal intro is a bit of surprise…I guess it is the high pitch lead in that reminds me of this. The drums enter at break neck speed and Benton continues to spew his distaste for anything even remotely Christian…..but the brutality and the force is true and real…you HAVE to love this band…..

**** out of 5

God Dethroned / Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

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Under the Sign of the Iron Cross

God Dethroned is a blackened death metal band from the Netherlands.

The New God Dethroned album ‘Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross’ was released through Metal Blade on November, 22nd 2010 and met rave reviews. It marked the first time God Dethroned became ‘Album Of The Month’ in Holland’s Aardschok magazine.

Sattler announced that 2011 will be the last year of the band and their final show will be in December.

The Analysis:

The Declaration Of War—-This short yet powerful instrumental introduction only lends a hand at preparing you for the melodic yet brutal onslaught that is about to smack you in the face and leads into……

Storm Of Steel—-Once the onslaught begins, there is very little time for you to catch your breath. the music hits you hard and heavy…reminding me of the classic Dimmu of the past. The lyrics are hard to understand…yoet you catch bits and pieces which put the track together for you. the drums are literally incredible…the most impressive part of the band outside of the vocal…this is exceptional…I have to get some of this older stuff!!! There is an underlying melody through the entire thing that makes you an instant fan…STELLAR!!!!

Fire Storm—-The drum onslaught that welcomes the intro to this track is only eclipsed by the subtle death growl that is almost buried in the noise. This is melodic, intense and brutal as anything you could ask for. the track is loaded with dark lyrics…huge energy and a pummeling bass.drum delivery that puts you on the edge of your seat…gosh…where have I been?

The Killing Is Faceless—-You are given very little time to catch your breath as this ‘concept CD’ moves from idea to idea….centered around the chapters of World War I, the music is a ruthless and brutal as the war itself. the vocal is incredible….this guy can sing like nothing I have heard in quite sometime. This is layered with drums, bass and an underlying melody that sucks you in and comes back time after time. There are some leads on this track that are incredible…please dont tell me this is really the end?

Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross—-Almost…at the onset…reminding me of Iron Maiden, this quickly dissolves into a classic death rage that brings an ever bigger smile to my face. The drums on this track are like nothing you have ever heard. The vocal is very acceptable…understandable and clear…but the barrage of musical noise is almost orgasmic….this is incredible!!!! Perhaps the best track I have heard in this bands catalog!!!!

Chaos Reigns At Dawn—-Beginning much as you expect, a complete progression from the previous track, the drums…again…are just stellar. the voice is clear yet full of guttural admonitions that urge you to pay attention to the mistakes we have made in the past. this is a natural story…you can feel the progression without a history lesson…the concept is well in tact….war kills people…brings about horror and cause damage that last forever!!!!!

Through Byzantine Hemispheres—-Again, this is much more Metal influenced at the onset….onlyu the vocal causes a pure differential from the mainstream. the drums are incredible…but the3 leads are even BETTER….this is exquisite. the energy is all encompassing…the song has these slight mood changes that wrap around you like a huge electric blanket…all the while tighter and tighter  by the drum propulsion and the bitter voice. This is fantastic…perhaps my favorite track on this release!!!!

The Red Baron—-Leaving no time for introduction or sedate musings, this is right out of the gate pure and brutal. the vocal is stellar…this is classic black metal…delivered with a genuity and commitment. the guitars that emerge as the track progresses are huge…this is just incredible…this reminds me of Satyricon…..even more every time I listen to it. This has melody, brutality and a real delivery that you can’t walk away from….stellar!!!!

On Fields Of Death & Desolation—-Winding up the release with a rather sedate beginning to the last track, this is not to last for long. Although the entire thing again makes me think of classic Maiden, this is superb. There is a heaviness in the track that pulls you in…and you find yourself entranced by the ‘end of the war’……but the eclipse of music reminds you it was not the end for many…as far as Black Metal goes…this is stellar…as far as concepts go…this is stellar….if this is the swan song for real…well done my friends!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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Oceano is an American deathcore band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2006. The band signed to Earache Records in 2008 and subsequently released their debut album, Depths on April 7, 2009. Their upcoming second album, Contagion was released on November 9, 2010.

The Analysis:

Precursor To Enslavement—-Giving you very little time to gather your senses, once this onslaught begins, you are in for a journey of brutality that is unrelenting. The drum delivery from this band is pretty freakin incredible…..once the guitars and the vocal joins in on the onslaught, you are left in a huge sloppy mess on the floor. This is brutal…intense and delivered with an intensity that is rare these days. The guttural delivery gives way to screams at a moments notice and the energy is remarkable…this far surpasses the debut release!!!

Viral Re-Antimation—-One of the other remarkable additions to this secondary release from this band is the inclusion of a huge sense of melody. This is brutal….have no doubt, but the rhythm section of this band provides a nice melodic delivery that makes this even more acceptable than you ever imagined. The vocal is unrelenting….making you wonder how the hell this guy can shift gears so quickly…this is stellar freakin Death….not many US bands are making quality stuff like this anymore!!!!

Regulated Disposal Of Life—-This is incredible…the vocal delivery is so layered that it almost sounds like there are three different people singing all at the same time…I wonder how the band manages to produce this live…and I missed the live show that they had here a few weeks ago. This is brutal…the highs are incredible and the lows are so guttural that george needs to watch out…this is new generation Death and it is shining like a mother fucker!!!!!

Quarantine—-This brings a HUGE smile to my face…this is full of brutality, speed and threat…makiing me wonder why there are not more bands like this around today…what the hell has happened to the death scene in the US???? This is delivered with a ferocity that allows you to live in the past and look forward to the future…all the while delivering a sense of melody and anger that fits the times we live in…this is stellar shit!!!!

The Contaminated—-Beginning with a bass heaviness that only sets you up for the onslaught that is to come, this is incredible. How the hell can this guy sing like this? This is an art…whether people really want to accept that or not…not everybody can do this kind of thing. The movement between the deep bellows and the metallic highs are incredible and precise…I love this. The melody that pervades the song is contagious as hell and it almost makes this a relaxing and acceptable listening experience for the seasoned music fan…this is quality shit!!!!

Exist In Confinement—-Wow…..this is a surprise at the onset…the almost acoustic style guitar is a shock after the previous 4 songs or so…allowing your brain a magnificent deep breath before the bass delivery kicks in. Again, this shows so much growth in the band…allowing you to see the talent that has accumulated,..this is just not an all out thrash Death adventure, but rather a nice excursion of sounds and moods. I am so impressed with this….fantastic!!!!

Persuasive Oppression—-Returning to a much more familiar and brutal style that you are accustomed to, this is a band that is growing and delivering some of the best midwest metal that is available to fans. This is incredible…the short machine gun style guitar blasts are freakin amazing…the drums are huge…delivered at hyper speed and the vocal is unrelenting…I am smiling my way through this release…happy as a freakin lamb being led to slaughter!!!!

Sadistic Experiments—-This track more than lives up to it’s title…the delivery is in short and fast blasts of incredible aggressive music that leaves you breathless…the voacl is incredible…switching between deep growls and huge screams that leave you gasping for oxygen….this is a trip…this song makes the entire release worth the purchase…this is a band at its creative peak…I have to catch this experience live…I can only imagine the reaction of the crowd as it moves to this aggression….shoulder pads and protective mouth guards!!!!!

Remnants Aflame—-This track never leaves you a moment to catch your breath…the music comes at you in these short and machine gun styled blast that makes you gasp for air…this is incredible…the voice is a fresh as at the very beginning of the release…the brutality is just as real and the dedication in more than you could ever ask for…these are my new heroes!!!!

Ending Intellect—-This track, more than almost anything on this release. makes me want to punch things and destroy that which is around me. This is aggressive to a fault….making me boil over with aggression and pure musical excitement. I love this band!!!! This is stellar stuff….other up and coming bands in the US better sit back and take notice!!!!

****3/4 out of 5