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The Soft Moon / Soft Moon

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The Soft Moon

Luis Vasquez
Justin Anastasi
Damon Way
Ron Robinson (Visuals)
Record Label:
Captured Tracks

It has, thus far, been almost impossible to find any information about this stellar up and coming band!

The Analysis:

Breathe The Fire—-What do I love about this record??? Well, just about everything…the simple fact the there is a band that is making music as deep and dank as Joy Division did in 1979 is amazing…add to it the layers upon layers of sound and you are propelled back in time while still enjoying the advent of new technology. This is brilliant…the vocals are whispered lines of pain and intense emotion, the landscapes of sounds are as relevant now as when the march violets first introduced them. This is almost life changing!!!

Circles—-This is pretty incredible….the deep sound of the song is so welcome to me, all the while the programming speaks of 2010 and the future…this is a hybrid of sound that is just incredible. I cn not stop listening to this release!!! The sharp sounds of the song never quite escalate enough to overcome the Division styled bass that forms the song. the vocal is a HUGE landscape of sound…not quite forming words but instead exquisite sounds….I am left breathless.

Out Of Time—-This is much more energetic and delivered with an 80’s sound that gives me goosebumps all over. The synth line, matched perfectly with the huge, thick bass delivery takes me back to when New wave was brand new and original. This is propelled by a nice electro-drum track that reminds me of AFOS. I love this CD. This is incredible!!!

When It’s Over—-Slowed down and delivered in a much more division manner, the bass line that forms the song reminds me of only the best of the material from the afore-mentioned band. I love the fact that there is no clear vocal on this release, but rather landscapes of vocal sounds that allow you to trance your way through the song and draw your own conclusions. This is just brilliant stuff..the brains behind this release are rather intense and dark…wanna get married?

Dead Love—-I hate to keep referring to the former band of Ian Curtis, but it is obvious that this man grew up with a healthy dose of this band swirling among his childhood activities. this is so layered and deep. The sound is intense as fuck…the mood is even darker. You can’t escape, no matter how you try, the layers and layers of darkness that make up the compositions on this release. Here, the lyrics are a bit more pronounced and the feel is even darker than expected…as the lyrics beg you not to leave one all alone…set admidst deep dankness…this is just brilliant!!!

Parallels—-This is perhaps the cornerstone of this release….combining dark sounds with the more updated goth sound, the bass line is still present and monumental. The vocals, if you call them that, are really a mish mash of landscape sounds that transport you to another place…this is just freaking brilliant! I love this band….I love this band……did I tell you I love this band?

We Are We—-This combines the best of everything for me….the sound is dark and bass heavy…the delivery is Electronic based and the feedback and distortion is classic JAMC meets Joy Division….who could ever ask for anything more???

Sewer Sickness—-A bit noisier than most of the songs on this release, this seems like a natural progression though. The feedback is becoming even more pronounced and the vocal reminds me of the early JAMC material that was really incomprehensible. This is freakin stellar stuff…this is designed for those nights when you have partied to much and you really need something to cool you down and fry your brain…this is magnificent!!!!

Into The Depths—-From the very onset, you are able to vision Peter Hook in your brain…with lots of fog and the shadow of Ian Curtis in the backdrop waiting to emerge and epilect his way through a classic track…instead you get a blurry realization that is so compelling and encompassing that you listen to the landscape over and over and over. this is a brilliant display of old meets new….the retro sound encapsulated by the technology of the future….creates a whole new picture that needs a whole separate frame.

Primal Ways—-This tracks seems to revert to two tracks ago when the sound was a bit more updated and leading in a new direction. The bass is not quite as heavy, but the landscape of sound is literally breathtaking…this borders on a noise-core type of sound. I am amazed by the wall of sound that is produced by this band…this is not easy listening…but instead the entire thing is a journey into sound…remarkable and incredibly refreshing!

Tiny Spiders—-Again, returning to that comfortable sound that calls forth Ian & Co., the song goes on and on in my brain…allowing me to feel really comfortable for the first time in weeks…this is delicious, sublime and familiar. I love this band…hoping there is much more output from them…and am already awaiting the next dose…..

****1/2 out of 5