Fear Factory / The Industrialist

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The IndustrialistThe Industrialist is the eighth studio album by industrial metal band Fear Factory.

The Industrialist marks the band’s return to the concept album.[4] Burton C. Bell said about the album, “the protagonist (The Industrialist) is the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. The mechanical, technological, and scientific advances through the industrial age led to the creation of The Industrialist. In the story, the automaton becomes sentient as it collects memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it gains the will to exist. What was meant to help man, will eventually be man’s demise.”[5] According to Cazares, the title was taken from a documentary the band saw about the people who developed “the engines for war machines”, and God Eater was a name Bell saw on a toybox while traveling.[6]

The album was recorded with Bell and Cazares as the only two credited members of the band, while Rhys Fulber once again produced and received additional writing credits. No live drummer was used on the album, with the band instead opting for programmed drums with help from John Sankey of Devolved, who was also credited.

The Analysis:

The Industrialist—-I’ve so been looking forward to this release, so my expectations were really high when I finally got this…..from the opening strains, I will not be disappointed. The opening opus begins rather slow but takes on the familiar FF sound after just a few bars….this opening track is almost epic…making me hard with excitement! The familiar vocal enters and the further tales of demise ensue…sit back and enjoy……the fun is about to begin!

Recharger—-Returning to full on aggression at the onset of the song, it is hard to believe there is not a human drummer on this release!!!! The vocal is so familiar, it feels like I’m home after being gone for a long time. this is fantastic. The squeals from the guitars are incredible and when that clean vocal enters…I’m just amazed….it makes me feel warm and fuzzy!!!! Imagine that!!!! This is an incredible track….a favorite for sure!

New Messiah—-This track, upon the intro, seems to actually come out at you from a distance….and just builds in aggression from there. This is remarkable…the lead guitars just soar. The vocal is like being transported back 8 years or so…to the glory days. The clean vocal enters and the song takes on a magical melody that will have you playing this in your brain for days and days. This is just classic!!!!

God Eater—-Beginning at the onset like a Linkin Park track, this quickly comes alive and reminds you what you are listening to. This is Industrialized Metal at its finest. The song is slow to begin…but comes alive with an intensity that is worth the wait. This is incredibly intense. I love the deep feeling of the song…and the slight manipulations you hear in the backdrop of the song. This is different…but fits in with everything in a masterful way……I love this band!!!!

Depraved Mind Murder—-This is classic FF from the very first notes and just progresses as the song does. I freakin love this….the drums are incredible for being machine made…the vocal is like it has always been…sounding the same as the very first release….the clean vocal sounds even better than ever….providing the much-needed melody to this song…this band would not be the same without it….incredible….!!!!

Virus Of Faith—-With super human drumming, that is not even human, the song begins with a huge BANG!!!! The interplay between aggressive and clean vocals make this track a favorite of mine…you travel between mayhem and calm so quickly…I feel schizophrenic…and in headphones…the track moves from ear to ear magically….this is just fantastic!

Difference Engine—- Drum driven and really aggressive from the very first note, this is another really favorite track of mine on this release….this is incredible…there is so much energy and vehemence. I love the slow ebb of the song and the sudden bursts that follow…this is incredible. I really can never find fault with this band!

Disassemble: Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed—-There are some really great guitar squeals throughout this song that really get me going…I love that shit. This is aggressive and full of religious venom…..I cant deny the disbelief…but i still love the band as an entity. this is remarkable…even the rough vocals are almost clean….this is fantastic…another very favorite track!!!

Human Augmentation—-This huge….epic last track on this stellar release…will leave you thirsty for more…begging for another quick release and listening to this one over and over for the next 6 months. this is extraordinary…full of effects, Indutrial style noises and an almost soundtrack style to the delivery. This is masterful….and that is before any singing even begins! Which it never does!!!! This ambient style closure is an excercise in patience…but a display of talent!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]



Marilyn Manson / Born Villain

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Born Villain

Born Villain is the eighth full-length studio album by American rock band, Marilyn Manson. It was released on May 1, 2012 by Cooking Vinyl Records and Manson’s own vanity label Hell, etc.[1][2] Interviews with the band’s frontman described that the record would be in a heavier tone than that of previous works, describing the sound as a “suicide death metal” style.

In November 2010, Twiggy Ramirez was quoted as saying “We’ve got a new album [that we’re working on]. It’s almost done. It’ll probably be out next year. […] It’s our best record yet, I think. I mean, everyone always says that, but I think this is our best work so far… It’s kind of like a little more of a punk rock Mechanical Animals without sounding too pretentious.” It is Marilyn Manson’s first album to be released via Cooking Vinyl.

The album’s lead single, “No Reflection”, received its first airplay on March 7, 2012 on KROQ Los Angeles. It was released in digital format on March 13, 2012 through Cooking Vinyl and Hell, etc., over a month ahead of the album’s release. The single was also released in physical format on April 21, 2012 as a limited-edition white vinyl, available only in the UK and Europe in celebration of Record Store Day. A music video directed by Lukas Ettlin[3][4] was released to promote the single, and also features Roxane Mesquida. The music video premiered on April 4, 2012 on Marilyn Manson’s VEVO channel.

The Analysis:

Hey Cruel World—-Beginning in a slight muted and hushed tone, it is just a huge pleasure to finally hear from the Shock Rock God after such a long silent period. The song comes alive slowly and finds Manson in great vocal form. There is both a metal edge as well as a slight electronic feel to the song….this is classic Manson……finding him seemingly as welcome to be back as we are to have him!

No Reflection—-The lead off single to this release, this track again begins rather slow and quiet creeping up on you before coming more alive. The tempo is magnificent…with Manson giving all types of vocal utterances before the actual vocal. This is classic Marilyn…the voice is in such good form. The song is a bit sedate and not as aggressive as I expected…but definetly radio friendly. This is nice…but I would prefer a bit more intensity!

Pistol Whipped—-Yet another track that begins so odd…..are all of these effects necessary…just get to the damn blow out will ya? Manson sounds a bit particular on this song…it obviosly is not a very favorite of mine…not sure I really appreciate the song content. The chorus is magnificent though…..sounding like classic Manson…but the instrumentation is kept to muted for me…let it rip guys!!!

Overneath The Path Of Misery—-Again, taking forever to get started, this has a bit more of an aggressive instrumentation. Manson almost growls his way through the song and when the band is permitted to, they really let loose. but everything thus far on this release seems so controlled…I much prefer the mayhem of previous releases!!!

Slo-Mo-Tion—-Beginning with a great bass line, the track gives me hope from the onset. The pace is so slow for me though…I keep waiting for all hell to break loose and it never really does. Of course Manson is in control and delivers an almost crystal clear vocal…..but the blues edge to the song is a surprise. This sounds too much like other songs that have been done…..but it is still acceptable.

The Gardener—-For me, this track is rather brilliant….I love it!!!! Manson talk his way through the beginning of the song…..and sounds typically pissed off and demented. This is nice!!! The guitar effects that run through the bottom of the song are almost sonic…this sounds like a movie to me. I really rather like this song!!! When Manson really lets loose with his vocal, I breathe a sigh of relief!

The Flowers Of Evil—-I guess my problem with this release is the damn consistency of the entire thing…there is nothing new or predictable this far into the record. This is just like the 1st, 3rd and 5th track…there is no ingenuity! The aggression is missing so badly from this release…leaving me feel a bit flat and defeated. There are rare glimpses into the older days…but this is pretty sedate for Marilyn…..the track has a really nice melody…but where is the anger?

Children Of Cain—-Offering a bit more of an Industrial lean musically, Manson even sounds a bit more like his old self on this track. The chanting delivery of the song is reminiscent of the glory days…but the aggression is flat and almost absent. i like the chorus a lot…mostly for the sweeping music in the backdrop. The voice even reaches a higher pitch not heard yet on this CD…nice!!!

Disengaged—-Returning to the sing-song delivery that Manson is known for, I have hope for the track…as it reminds me of so many other songs. This has a slight down tempo blues feel to it…and then finally!!!!! the band lets loose with a bit of momentary aggression and the vocal turns into a nice ugly mass of hate……but it is short-lived! What is going on here? This is not bad….but it is by no means stellar!

Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms—-This is nice…..exactly what I have been craving for thus far on this release. The music is huge on this track…the vocal is full of putridity and disgust making me smile in secret. The sentiment is relevant and the music portrays the urgency magnificently!

Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday—-Beginning rather slow, the song becomes its own by the second bar….becoming even more alive and aggressive. Manson finally has some venom to deliver and the erratic music makes the track even more intense. this is what I have been waiting for…..the entire track just makes me grin underneath my plaster face…giving me a smile that will last inside for days. This is fantastic!!!

Born Villain—-The title track to this release finds it sounding a bit odd at the onset and my heart falls flat upon the first listen. The vocal enters and makes me feel a bit better…although it seems pushed to the back of the mix a bit. The aggression is absent for the most part…but the sentiment is classic manson…the track sounding much like things that have been done in the past…this is not a bad track, but not really a favorite!

Breaking The Same Old Ground—-Ugh…..not liking this track at all……disappointed. Next…..

You’re So Vain—-Manson does a stellar cover version of this classic Carly Simon track….that also features Johnny Depp on drums and guitar. The interpretation is incredible…allowing a bit more venom then the original ever had. The track has a nice aggressive edge and some vocal overlays that fit the tempo and mood perfectly…this is a classic Manson cover……God knows there are enough of them…but this ranks up there with the best!!!

*** 3/4 out of 5


Hollywood Undead / American Tragedy

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American Tragedy

Hollywood Undead is an American rap rock band from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut album, Swan Songs, on September 2, 2008, and their live CD/DVD Desperate Measures, on November 10, 2009.[1] Their second studio album, American Tragedy, was released April 5, 2011. They have released the singles “Hear Me Now“, “Comin’ in Hot“, Coming Back Down, and “Been to Hell“. All of which are to be set on the new album. All of the band members use pseudonyms and wear their own unique mask, most of which are based on the common hockey goaltender design. The band members currently consist of Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Johnny 3 Tears.

The Analysis:

Been To Hell—-The first strains of the song are a bit dark, but it is just mementary…the familiar strains of the band begin to form and the trade-off vocals begin. The rap delivery is fantastic, but the chorus is what makes the track huge. This is a nice alternative sounding band that manages to combine so many can’t stop listening…this is the best I have heard from this band….loving this.

Apologize—-With little time to catch your breath between songs, this track enters with a complete and fresh sound that is so different from the first track. I like this bands style…the hip-hop element insure to keep your attention, but the harmonies and the huge chorus manages to prove the band’s talent. This is not easy music to make…combining all the elements of pre-recorded and live instruments is an art…well, these boys have it down pat. Even if it is a bit silly at times, this is still classic stuff.

Comin’ In Hot—-This track, has no socially redeeming qualities… is just plain partying’ music..plain and simple. With enough references to liquor brands to establish an endorsement, this band is serious about the drinking. The beats are masterful and the mood is light and fun. This is rather generic and reminds me of classic 90’s party rap, but it still manages to sound fresh and lively. Nice!!!

My Town—-At this point in the release, I am longing to hear a bit more of the aggressive side of this band…the one you know that they are capable of. The chorus of the song is rather masterful and saves this from the skip button. The song manages a huge sound when the entire entourage joins in on the chants, but the typical rap deliveries tend to become a bit old….you know as well as I do that this band can rock out…so where is it?

I Don’t Wanna Die—-This is pretty awesome from the very first strains that you hear…..remarkable. The song is a somewhat typical delivery of mundane rock/rap switch off, but these guys always manage to deliver a chorus that makes your ears prick alive and a refrain that stays in your brain. This is pretty impressive…I love this…..

Hear Me Now—-This, right from the onset, has a much deeper sound. Once the vocal begins, the song indeed, has a darker tone as well. This is fantastic!!! The chorus as expected is freakin’ amazing. the harmonies and the melodies that are produced are magical…reminding me of a very new Linkin Park. This is extra-ordinary…my favorite track on this…by far!!!

Gangsta Sexy—-Wow….I thought for sure when I saw the title of this track that I would just hate this…it really is not that bad though. the beats are pretty addictive and the lyrics are funny and sexy at the same time. there are some real fun vocal inflections on the track and again, the chorus is just large enough to make the entire thing addictive as crack!!!!

Glory—-Beginning with a gentle piano interlude, the song builds and builds with a nice aggression that excites me from the onset. Unfortunate for me, there is no screamo to be found….the silliness in the delivery is almost immediate…then again, here comes that damn chorus. It seems to make the entire rest of the song acceptable…this band has a great knack for producing a huge chorus that wants to live in your brain and eat at you like maggots..this is nice!!!

Lights Out—-This is very Linkin Park…right from the onset…the band delivers the chorus and the refrain in that order. This is fantastic…I love the ebb and the flow that the song manages to produce….it keeps you interested and makes you look forward to the super addictive chorus. This is freakin’ bordering on brilliant!!!!

Coming Back Down—-Wow….this is amazing…..the beginning of the track is just incredible. The ensuing refrain is straight off of a Mike Shinoda tip…..but it is the chorus again that draws you in and makes you a sucker for addiction. This is stellar…another really favorite track.

Bullet—-This is just silly and a bit of waste of recorded space…..why????? Until you listen to it a bit closer….the suicide references are a bit disturbing…especially if you have ever been there…..this is weird but a bit poignant.

Levitate—-At the onset, the song has strong electronic sounds, but quickly returns to the bands trademark sound. This is a nice delivery…the joint rap switch off is nice…but AGAIN….the chorus will dig in your brain and live there until next month. this is fantastic…..if you dismiss everything else, this is an entire release built on huge chorus and switch off rap……this should be huge!!!!

Pour Me—-Wow….another bit of a surprise….this is rather tender and sweet at the onset. Once the rap begins, I’m even more surprised..this is a tender and intricate story of abuse, loneliness and desperation. Wow…who knew. And of course, the chorus is fucking huge and addictive…this is pretty fantastic!

Tendencies—-Returning to round out the release with a full on metal onslaught, this is nice after 12 songs of other wise different music. The guitars on this track are huge and there is nice aggression on this song. the chorus again delivers an unforgettable Chester Bennington inspired sound that sticks in your brain forever. This is a great way to end this CD…the band is still standing strong…I hiope we don’t have to wait forever for another release from this outfit. Stellar!!!

****1/2 out of 5

Nitzer Ebb / That Total Age

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That Total Age

That Total Age is the debut album of the British EBM group Nitzer Ebb. After its release, it spawned the hit single “Join in the Chant,” which hit #9 on the US dance chart in 1987.

The Analysis:

Fitness To Purpose—-This band, really was my first introduction to what has come to be known as Industrial Metal….I was amazed and intrigued from the very first notes of this release. The music still remains to this day abrasive and annoying…making it all the more intriguing. I knew from the first moment that this was going to be something important…even now, this early recording still excites me and causes me a great deal of excitement.

Violent Playground—-Delivering an aggressive dance oriented abrasive metal track, the band had me from the first notes of this song. The vocal is remarkable…barked at you from the speakers and delivered with an irritation that resonated with me right away. This is remarkable…although tame compared to many of the releases that you get from the genre today, this was the continuation of the founding sounds of aggressive dance music that was started back with Can and Throbbing Gristle…this still sounds wonderful to me…..

Murderous—-God I love this song….this is like part one on Join In The Chant…just getting you ready for the more aggressive nature of the oncoming single. This is delivered with a fantastic barking vocal that brings me goose bumps and overwhelming streams of energy. I never get tired of this…even though I have not listened to this in some tme….as i re-visit it, it still sound electrifying to me. I am in love all over again……

Smear Body—-This is so full of early day Industrial aggression… just have to love this shit!!! This is one of the bands that really opened up the underground clubs to the whole sound that was emerging from Germany. Trent took many lessons from this I’m sure….this is fantastic…full of driving bass…aggressive drum machines and the most annoying German sounding vocals to emerge ever. Rammstein owes this band millions!!!!!

Join In The Chant—-One of the first songs that I ever heard that convinced me that this was a viable and emerging art form, I still return to this track all the time. The aggression and the energy that it produces makes me smile…fills me with purpose and renews the love that I have for music. This has so many underlying messages to it…you have to embrace the entire song as an ‘experience’….I will ALWAYS love this stuff….fantastic memories and still very viable today!!!

Alarm—-I like this almost more than anything else on this release because it is full of incomprehensible vocals and incredible energy. The conclusion is yours and the process of getting there is full of Industrial Machine Styled sounds that fill you with vigor and energy. This is classic stuff….delivered with a bit of a dub style, this is still aggressive and new.

Let Your Body Learn—-Fresh and exciting, this has a machine progression that is delivered at a frenetic and fast pace that makes me want to almost jump from my chair. This is incredible…the vocal…although a bit removed from the song and all of the machine sounds, still delivers an aggression that brings goose bumps to my arms. this is full of slight and subtle sounds that are all over the place…this is incredible…a true dance track that allows you to be aggressive and much less of the fag you really are!!!! Remarkable!!!

Let The Beauty Loose—-Full of machine generated rhythms that are as addictive as DM and accessible as Kraftwerk, it is amazing to me that this band did not find a huge click in the US? This is short and sweet, but still true to the identity of the band.

Into The Large Air—-Although I like this, this is usually something that I do not listen to as far as the complete release goes. The music is a bit hollow to me…the saving grace being the remarkable and aggressive vocal. I love the vocal from this guy…it is unmistakable and classic…you can never confuse Nitzer with any other band.

**** 3/4 out of 5

Nine Inch Nails / Pretty Hate Machine [2010 Remaster]

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Pretty Hate Machine [2010 Remaster]

Pretty Hate Machine is the debut album by American industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, released October 20, 1989, on TVT Records. The album was out of print from around 1997 to 2005 due to the much publicized falling out between Nine Inch Nails’ sole member, Trent Reznor, and the original publishing label of the album, TVT Records. Rykodisc remastered the album and re-released it around the world in 2005, effectively putting the album back into print. Pretty Hate Machine is compiled of tracks from the Purest Feeling demo, as well as tracks recorded after the Purest Feeling recording. The album spawned three singles, the most successful being “Head Like a Hole“, which has become a staple in Nine Inch Nails live performances.

On March 29th 2010, the master recording rights of Pretty Hate Machine were acquired by The Bicycle Music Company and on October 22nd 2010, Trent Reznor announced on that on November 22nd 2010, a remastered re-issue of the album would be released by UMe and Bicycle Music Group. The rerelease includes new cover art by Rob Sheridan and the bonus track “Get Down, Make Love”, a Queen cover originally found on the “Sin” single.

The Analysis:

Head Like A Hole—-Really one of the Albums and one of the songs that really opened up the United states to the whole Industrial Rock Movement, this song sounds even better in this remastered version than you could possibly imagine. There were very few of us who at the time were really aware of this magnificent machine-made music…this was a whole new world that expanded even further on bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain. For me, Nitzer Ebb came first but this was running the 50 yard dash right up behind them. this still sounds as powerful and intense, as angry and as driven as the very first time I heard it!

Terrible Lie—-Melding wonderfully from one song to the next, this track has an even more sinister and angry edge than the first track. Reznor has never sounded better, more driven and more pissed off than he did on this first release. This was incredibly relatable music that emerged in a sea of dance tracks and top 40 trash…rescuing the very first Indie Kids from a wasteland of intolerable euro-trash. The clarity on this remaster is remarkable…you hear every word, every nuance and damn near every little noise!!! Stellar!

Down In It—-This has always been my favorite track from this release. this remastered version amplifies the bass to incredible levels…allows for a full vocal distortion and still manages to deliver a melody that will stick in your brain for days. This is literally fantastic…Reznor delivers his vocal fully removed from the music and sounds almost alien at times…just freakin’ remarkable. I could never ask for more…this is a masterpiece of a song!

Sanctified—-Beginning with a nice almost ambient dance beat, there is a ton of atmosphere that goes along with this track…and deservedly so. The vocal is delivered with a level of emotion that allows you to pause and really appreciate the vocal tone from Trent…the slight echo in the recording only adding to the power of the track. There are tons of little noises and lots on lyrical innuendo..all delivered with a angst that is so damn relateable…even today. this is fantastic!

Something I Can Never Have—-Steeped in a beautiful piano laden delivery, Reznor sounds literally beautiful as he continues to lay his emotions bare for everyone to get a glimpse of. The backdrop noises reverberate throughout the song…but never lose the beauty of the original delivery of the song….even when the violence opens up and swallows you inside the sounds that he creates with his magic machines…this is just goose-bump inspiring stuff…I could NEVER ask for more!!!

Kinda I Want To—-Switching gears like a pair of underwear, Reznor returns with an almost funk filled track that makes you step back and take a pause as it is introduced. This is bass driven, but still includes a nice level of noise and sounds that only expert machination can produce. The vocal has more body and echo than the original version…producing one smile after the other from me when i sit here listening…as the memories come flooding back to me. Remarkable!!!

Sin—-Another very favorite song of mine, this track has a nice level of violence that you just have to embrace..once you do, you fall in love with the whole idea of Industrial style music. The vocal is so much better on this remaster…the voice is so clear and the enunciation is remarkable. The energy of the song is even more powerful than imaginable…even though there is nothing like my old vinyl version of this release, this is pretty damn impressive!!!!

That’s What I Get—-The remarkable thing about this first release from Reznor is the clear-cut and bare emotional lyrical quality of the songs. Later releases became really laden in the quagmire of lyric speak where you had to interpret everything based on an idea…here on this release, everything is clear-cut and laid bare for you to experience first hand. This song is no exeption…the meaning of the songs are clear…the mood in bare and the meaning is easily relateable…this is how we all feel!!!

The Only Time—-An Industrialized love song that is delivered with a nice deep sleazy beat, finds Reznor delivering his most intense lyrics in the last few songs..this is raw emotion..true feelings put into a delivery that is understandable by every single human being on the planet…combine that with the blips and beeps of the music..all the little sounds and the remarkable bass, and you have an unforgettable track that is hidden deep in this masterpiece of a record.

Ringfinger—-At the onset, this is a bit of a surprise…the beats that are delivered are so damn pleasant and danceable you take a quick glance at the cover. The vocal begins and you know that you are in the right place…even though the delivery is damn pleasant. Reznor manages to deliver line after line of intense lyrics with a slight sense of humor in his tone…all the while the dance urges you to join in and get involved. This is stellar…I had almost forgotten about this song…really a stellar piece of music!!!

Get Down, Make Love—-This was originally found as a B-side on the Sin CD-5 I believe. to me, this is pretty unremarkable…although I love the noise level of the song and the intensity that all of the added effects manage to produce. I much prefered the cover of Adam Ant over this song, but the sound is really enhanced on this remastered version…so I really can’t complain…I’m sure Freddie would smile!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Marilyn Manson / Antichrist Superstar

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Antichrist Superstar

Antichrist Superstar (sometimes stylized as Antichrist Superstar as an allusion to Latin typography) is Marilyn Manson’s second full-length studio album and was released on October 8, 1996, by Interscope Records.

The record is a concept album, and the first of a trilogy along with Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death). It spawned three singles (The Beautiful People, Tourniquet and Man That You Fear).

It also raised public awareness of the band, turning them into a household name, and led to numerous protests due to the band’s anti-Christian stance. It was produced by the band’s frontman and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. As of 2004 the album has sold over 7.5 million copies worldwide.

The Analysis:

Irresponsible Hate Anthem—-Giving the listener little time for anticipation or preparation, the audience noise at the onset of the song is as little warning as you get before the aggressive Metal riffs whip your head around. Manson delivers a vocal that is bot accessible and at times so abrasive you fear you may go mad. This release is Manson’s crowning achievement..the music and vehement lyric/vocal speaks for itself. This is fantastic!

The Beautiful People—-Almost like a television that switches channels all on its own, this song is in complete and utter contrast with the previous. This has a nice drum track..a massive bass guitar line and some vocals that at times are scary while at other times is damn accessible. This is a favorite of mine and Manson still pulls this out during his live performances.

Dried Up, Tied Up & Dead To The World—-Another really stellar track and favorite song of mine from the entire Manson catalog, For me, this has a much more traditional Industrial sound to it than much of the record. This has all of those little magic sounds that runs through it and just gives me this huge energy pump. I love this…Manson delivers a sincere and demonic vocal…the melody is incredible and the words have a way of laying in your brain forever…just waiting to be brought back to life.

Tourniquet—-Another of those stellar songs that really forms most of the release, there is a nice Trilogy of songs that have been the centerpiece of this record for me since its release. This is much more dedicated to the Rock sound, the Industrial sounds almost removed from the song. Manson delivers a classic vocal..the type that really would define his future output. Whether you recognize the fact or not, this has a damn contagious melody and one of the most accessible vocals Manson has ever delivered. This is classic and timeless.

Little Horn—-Beginning rather quiet for Manson, the heavy guitar that runs through the back of this song is superb. the song opens up by the second bar with a much more Industrial sound and a vocal that seems to be delivered from hell. This is driving, authentic and full of an aggression that gets in your bones and makes you want to act a bit crazy. Fantastic!

Cryptorchild—-Layered with sounds that any Manson fan is familiar with, this song begins a bit sedate…but you know that the mayhem is sure soon to follow. The vocal is pretty damn pleasant! The lyrics are though provoking and causes you to listen closely to catch every word. this is another outstanding track that is somehow relevant to this crazy story…I just think it is great music. Of course the chanted chorus is something that is history making and a shining example of the genius that lies underneath the oddity. This is stellar.

Deformography—-Laden heavy with Reznor contributed sounds, the footprint on the music is unmistakable. This is fantastic…Manson delivers a lazy and ghoulish vocal that allows you to easily sink into the depravity. This is classic stuff…the chorus is a huge affair…another of those little dittys that lies dormant until you awake it and then refuses to leave your brain…welcome home!

Wormboy—-Returning to a much clearer sound and a more focused Industrial sound, this is another of those tracks that I believe Trent had his hands all over. Manson delivers perhaps the most accessible vocals of his career…the vision and the delivery is more driven and clear as anything he has ever released. This is fantastic..the mismatched drums and the odd synth sounds create a nice noise that is like a warm blanket.

Mister Superstar—-This is a classic example of 90’s styled Industrial Music…the whispered vocals, the rapid drums and the annoying little synth sounds all combine to create this huge masterpiece of a song that plays very well, even today. The societal distrust and vehemence is everywhere…the driving and escalating sounds are fantastic…this is fantastic…why have I not listened to this in such a long time?

Angel With The Scabbed Wings—-Returning to more full on Metal sounds, the guitars come at you in short blasts that let you know you are in for a raucous time. The drums hit heavy and the bass delivery is the backbone of the song. There are some nice leads on this track…accompanied by the manic and frightening vocal form Manson all come together in a perfect storm of classic Industrial Mayhem. Another of my really favorite tracks from this release.

Kinderfeld—-Manson continues to deliver vocals that are a mix of demonic whispers and manic drug use on this track…set to a ghostly musical soundtrack that still gives me a slight chill when I listen back to it after all of this time. This ties all of the past few songs together…creating a conceptual sound even if you don’t buy into the whole ‘story’. This is a masterful release!

Antichrist Superstar—-Yet another pivotal and shining moment from this release, this cornerstone song seems to pull everything together for me. The music is of course laden with many classic 90’s Industrial style sounds…the backdrop of the song making me think of a huge Nazi gathering. This has so much energy and vehemence, you will have problems sitting still through this entire song…this is stellar shit…classic Manson and one of the most important releases of the 90’s…this is why!!!

1996—-Returning with full throttle Metal and a vocal that is steeped into too much Crowley reading, this is a fantastic example of how great Manson can be…here and there. This is driving…and reminds me a lot of Get Your Gunn….the drums are incredible on this track…as are the the vocals which switch between manipulated and full throttle at the drop of a hat….this is stellar!!!

Minute Of Decay—-What a great bass line that starts off this track…set to the cymbal touches from the drums, you are good to go from the very beginning of the song. The vocal enters at an almost whisper…typical Manson style!!! This is rather sedate at the onset…Manson delivers line after line that allows the listener to really worry about the singers sanity…than you realize this is a normal day for Brian!!! This is perfect!!!

The Reflecting God—-Just classic stuff….Manson enters right at the beginning reminding us that our world is just an ashtray…my sentiment exactly. This is intense stuff, even though the music is rather genial and full of accessibility. Only the vocal and the lyrical content causes you to take pause and question every word that you are hearing…wondering if you fall into the world which he refers to. When Manson really lets loose with his vocal, you are overcome by a huge emotional surge…this is fantastic stuff!!! Yeah, this is Columbine style shit!!!

Man That You Fear—-Ending the proper release in a moody and somber nature, Manson enters sounding even more morose and manic that you though possible. This helps to really tie the entire release together. Giving us a unique insight to the mind of Manson, you are allowed to really understand some of what he is all about…maybe…perhaps it is all a big trick! This is layered and morose music…allowing a perfect pedestal for Manson to preach his own religion to the masses of people who choose to listen. There is a nice Crazy/Genius mix with Manson…you decide which you prefer.

Untitled—-Continuing for a brief time the song which ended the release, this is just a macabre mish-mash of almost undecipherable words that are robotic and sinister…perfect!

****1-2 out of 5

KMFDM / Greatest Shit [Disc Two]

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Greatest Shit

The Analysis:

Go To Hell [Fuck MTV Mix Edit]—-From the onset, this is typical KMFDM fare….delivered with nice aggressive beats and classic vocals. This is delivered in a nice aggressive fashion…the gang style vocals on the chorus giving the song a much beefier sound than many of the bands singles. This is great…much more aggressive as the song continues.

Tohuvabohu [Edit]—-Released recently and much later in the band’s career, this only proves that some things get better with age. For me, this is a stellar single and one that remains one of my favorites of the band’s career. Even though the track  is mostly synth based, there are some nice Industrial moments that shows that the band had adapted and changed with the waning interest in the Industrial scene…this is as aggressive and as powerful as anything in the band’s catalog…I think this is a masterpiece!!!

Son Of A Gun [Overhauled Radio Edit]—-This is delivered at a pace that will leave you gasping on the floor for breath by the time this is all over with. This has that nice distorted vocal style that Al made so popular with ministry…the programmed synth and machines are at a leat 150 BPM’s…leaving you breathless and exhausted. Not to mention the aggression of the vox…this is a stellar moment in the bands career…one of my favorites, try dancing to this y’all.

Ultra [Album Edit]—-With a huge bass driven beat from the onset, the programming adds a bit of symphonic sound through the mayhem and manages to deliver another of my favorite tracks from this band. This is machine derived aggression that is only accented by the distorted vocal that is full of menace and distaste. This is a magnificent moment in the bands history…and one that you will not soon forget!

Naive [Edit]—-This track has always fallen a bit flat for me…this is just a huge dance track that really does not fit in well with most of the bands other material. this has a loss of aggression and drive. Even the male vocal delivery…usually distorted and delivered among layers of sound is much more upfront and mainstream. The female vocal turns this into a typical random dance track that loses a lot of integrity for me…I’m just say in’.

Dogma—-Delivered from the onset with a rather mish mash of beats and sounds, a spoken word intro is ushered in and almost causes me to lose interest in the track altogether….it is only the vocal that emerges underneath all of the crap that saves this track for me. It seems rather odd that a German band would find it so acceptable to espouse the virtues [or lack there of[ of Washington and the Government. none the less, this is KMFDM and I would expect little else.

Strut [Edit]—-Another of those tracks that begins with a really accessible dance floor beat and a female vocal lead in that shows to me for a bit the band lost their direction. This is nice…it develops into a fairly aggressive track, but the overall feel of the song is one of being lost and misplaced. I like the occasional female vocal, but should she take control of an entire song…ummm, no!

More & Faster [12″ Mix]—-Obviously taking from the whole Gary Glitter idea, this is rather a wasted track for me…delivering nothing significant or new for me. This lacks aggression and ingenuity, rather just a redux of everything that has been done before… please!

Money [Radio Mix]—-This has a really fantastic intro…full of pseudo symphonic sounds….as the vocal enters the scene, you are comfortable with the familiar sounds. This rather mid-career single found KMFDM struggling with all of the harder material that was being delivered, but it managed to hold its own….thanks to some great programming and drum machines. This is a classic track….I never get tired of this and wonder why the hell i have not listened to it for such a long time! This is fantastic!

Terror [Edit]—-From the onset, the programming reminds me of Rock Me Amadeus….as the song progresses, it is classic sounding NIN!!! How is that for a nice amalgamate of sounds!!!??? This is phenomenal…full of sound bites and aggressive Industrial sounds, this will keep any purist happy. This has enough soundbites to keep a newscast going….and enough energy to make you punch a hole through the wall…tremendous!

Virus [12″ Mix]—-For me, a landmark single….say what you will…for me, this song spoke to the virus that was taking over the landscape of humanity in the early 90’s. This has enough power to keep you afraid and enough vehement vocals to give you a warning about the danger of playing around with just everyone. This is delivered in a powerful way…the sound and delivery is as raw and as honest as you could possibly hope to hear…this should be a PSA for young people all over thew wordl….this is real, raw and as honest as you could ever hope to hear….Virus….gonna kill ya!!!

Trust [Edit]—-Driving and aggressive from the very first notes of the song, this is full of all of the classic KMFDM sounds that you have gown to love. This is a bit more raw than a lot of the material on this collection….but is delivered in a timely order…reminding you that this band helped to establish this entire movement that we refer to as Industrial. Although the song allows for the female vocal to enter into the fray of the aggression, it is no more foreign than the quasi-symphonic movements that pop up on this track. This is stellar.

Waste—-I have mixed feelings about this single…not sure where it really lies in the development and life cycle of the band. the delivery that is presented here is damn aggressive…I love the distortion that is delivered with the vocal…this is so Ministry driven that the comparison is beyond urge. When the female vocal drops in, it is delivered with a wicked tinge…not really sure what that is all about. this is fantastic…to me a really stellar track that never made an impression with me until now…this is magical…classic…..and unforgettable…at least for now!

Vogue [Edit]—-This has a nice driving beat….in the familiar NIN vein…..the vocal is so distorted that you really have to strain to even catch a fragment of what is being delivered. This is aggressive and delivered in such a way that it would set the Goth floors on fire in an underground club…I would love to mix this with some nice mission UK or NIN….this is fantastic!!!

Split [12″ Mix Edit]—-Delivered in familiar style, this is classic KMFDM….with the exception of the slight Egyptian style music that seems to pop up here and there throughout the song. The bass beat is rather simplistic…but fits the band perfectly…allowing the vocal to really shine through. This is an exceptional single…delivering everything all in one single….you have slight aggression, the classic and familiar vocal and the female backdrop adding to it all…who could ask for more?

WWWIII [Edit]—-This has always been one of those singles that is very odd for me…beginning in this really odd Kentucky kind of way, the intense onslaught begins a short time later and smashes your head against a huge pile of cement. This is brilliant….declaring war on everything that the band slightly disagrees with. This is magnificent…heavy, aggressive and blasting the soundbites of George W. to a pulp…this is the greatest non call to arms I have ever heard!!!!

Never Say Never [Edit]—-Although the aggression on this track is pretty great, this is one of those KMFDM tracks that is largely female vocal based. The chorus is so damn addictive that you wonder why the hell this has never managed to cross over to the mainstream….this is literally fantastic…I could never ask for more from a band that has enjoyed such longevity….this is fantastic….it brings a huge, huge smile to my face!!!

Rules [Edit]—-Not really familiar with this track…but the saving grace of this song for me is the powerful and aggressive chorus…which seems to separate itself from the entire song almost completly…this is fantadtic…I could never ask for more aggression or more of an accessible sound…and the odd organ sounds on the song…brilliant!!!

That’s All [Edit]—-This is so damn danceable….I’m not even sure where the hell this track came from….this is just fantastic…delivering just enough level of noise to keep it legit, the song could really find a place with everyone else whom the band never though mattered…this is an exceptional end to a damn remarkable compilation.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

KMFDM / Greatest Shit [Disc One]

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Greatest Shit

KMFDM is an industrial metal band led by founding member Sascha Konietzko, who started the group as a performance art project. There have been a number of line-up changes over the years, including a temporary disbandment from 1999–2002, with Konietzko being the only constant.

Since their founding in 1984, they have released sixteen studio albums. They had sold approximately 2 million records in the United States alone as of September 2003,[1] with multiple albums selling more than 100,000 copies and a number of singles becoming club hits.

They have been mentioned in connection with two separate school shooting controversies, but have repeatedly distanced themselves from any incitements to violence.

Greatest Shit is compilation album by KMFDM, released on September 28, 2010.[1] This special edition version of Würst has the same track listing as that album on its first disc, and comes with a second disc of additional mixes and edits of new and classic KMFDM tracks.

The Analysis:

D.I.Y [Edit]—-Delivered in typical fan-fare fashion, this single has a grand build-up…full of orchestrated flair before the familiar machine generated sounds emerge and are peppered with the chorus of manipulated vocals. This is done with the grandest measures….the vocals are so comfortable for me at this point that the overblown style now brings an immediate smile to my face. this is energetic, sometimes noisy and always grand!!

Don’t Blow Your Top [Edit]—-This has an irresistible bass beat to start off the song…reminding you of countless 80’s tracks. The vocal enters the fray and makes you think of Al Jorgensen in the very early days of Ministry. The back drop of female vocals are here, but not nearly as pronounced as in later tracks. The gruff vocals that come later in the song give the song a nice level of credibility…but for the most part, this delivers just what we have come to expect from this band.

Looking For Strange [Edit]—-Although a bit aggressive, the one thing that KMFDM has always been is very danceable. This track is no exception…the intro to the track heavily laden with female vocals and nice machine synths. the song kicks up a notch by the second bar and the more Industrial moments take shape and converge on you eardrums. this is machine generated music at its finest and still a very favorite track of mine…if only for the sentiment.

Juke Joint Jezebel [Single Mix]—-Still and always one of my favorite tracks from this band, many would argue that this is not really Industrial Music in the proper sense. To me, the appeal is the fantastic melody that runs through the track….the irrisistable female vocals and the huge chorus that threatens to overtake your brain. There are some pure Industrial sounds on this track…but once the chorus enters you are swept up in a huge urge to dance and just allow the song to repeat over and over in your soul…for me…a highpoint!

Itchy Bitchy—-Although I am not really familiar with this song….not sure why…I have every single KMFDM release, I fell in love with this the moment I heard this. This has some really nice huge machine generated sounds to it. A huge propulsive beat drives the song…but also allows for some nice dance floor friendly sounds as well. I think this is just fantastic…amazing…where the hell did this come from?

Dogma—-This starts out a bit sedate….entering in and allowing some nice spoken word bites that are played over a rather distorted Industrial beat…for me this is a rant…plain and simple. The male vocals on the track are so distorted it is hard to catch all of it…but mostly is a cursing of the American way and our fascination with popular culture, as well as our failing to pay close enough attention to the way our Government is being run. Fantastic!!!

Hau Rock [Edit]—-Delivered in a dark and menacing tone, this is layered in a deep and more aggressive manner than most everything you have heard thus far on this release. This has a really biting edge to it…allowing you to feel the real German influences from the band. This is danceable, but really causes you to pump your fist and knock down the person standing next to you…fantastic!

Kickin’ Ass [Edit]—-This track surprises me…delivered in an almost seductive way, Sascha has constructed a track that could have been performed by Falco if he were given the chance. This is full of dark and menacing whispers at times and at other explodes with aggression…always keeping you guessing, the band lives up to its reputation.

Free Your Hate [Edit]—-Right out of the gate, you notice the change in the level of aggression. this is full of machine driven anger and the vocal that seems pushed to the back of the mix and run through a 1000 processors. This is damn brilliant…keeping you on the edge of your seat with all of the quick changes in the level of intensity of the song. This is another favorite of mine…full of anger, ire and demands.

Megalomaniac [Single Mix Edit]—-Another favorite track of mine and another that almost falls out of the realm of true Industrial madness, the saving grace is the manipulated vocal and the progressive and insanely addictive synth lines. this is a huge track…delivered with all of the trademark sounds that this band has perfected in 25 plus years of recording. Touching on many subjects that are current and alarming, the band manages to make a statement while being damn entertaining at the same time….could you ever ask for more?

Adios—-Recorded and released just before the band took a sabbatical in the early to mid 90’s, this is really bass heavy and incredibly fast. Perhaps the band needed a bit of time to recharge and regenerate….because indeed, they came back better and harder than ever. This track is so fast…there is little time for melody, but it does manage to make an appearance with the swirling synths that run in the underbelly of the song. This is very aggressive at times, and damn catchy at others…a true swan song that was just momentary!!! Thank God!!!

Light [Cellulite Radio Mix]—-KMFDM allows for a huge intro from their ever-present female backdrop singer as well as the male vocals that are much more straight forward and clear than anything else on this release thus far. This is aggressive…in musical form, but also damn accessible vocally. again, this threatens to step away from the Industrial moniker almost completely, but the aggressive guitars and manipulations keep it centered and genuine.

Anarchy [Edit]—-Nice…..I had almost forgotten about this song!!! This is brilliant…delivered with a huge processed vocal that still manages to create a melody despite the sound, this is pure and simple one of the best tracks ever. This is actually sung!!! Rather than being a hollered sort of vocal delivery. The music is nice…although there are real instruments on the track, the star of the show are the processors and machines….just what I needed….this is a masterpiece!!!

Attack-Reload [Edit]—-This is, from the onset, a bit under-produced….perhaps this was done on purpose…designed to give the track a more organic sound. This almost sounds hollow to me and lacks a lot of the energy that is found on most of this bands singles. This is nice, but still sounds very hollow to me.

Glory [Edit]—-Returning to full throttle Industrial German Rock, the vocal follows shortly after the beginning of the song and is classic and typical KMFDM…sometimes, you need nothing more than what is expected. the vocal has a nice German bite to it…the anger and ire is delivered with a nice slant of disgust. I love this…just classic stuff.

Sturm & Drang [Edit]—-For me, this was a fairly lackluster single! Although the noise level on the track is fairly high and the aggression is pretty good, this is still delivered with a half heart…sometimes leaving me a bit empty after it was delivered. It was almost as if the band was trying too hard to deliver something that was up to par with the burgeoning Industrial scene at that time…the band is best at doing what they do best not conforming to what other expect or demand. this is pretty intense though…and it does have its moments!!!

Godlike [12″ Mix Edit]—-This is a classic KMFDM single that has been mixed and remixed so many times I have lost track. This version still allows for the aggression of the original, although it seems to be a bit more bass centered. The chorus is magnificent…with all of the synth spikes and soundbites adding to the flair of the track. This is fantastic…classic KMFDM that spoke of its passion to raise social awareness and deliver its own commentary. Stellar!!!

A Drug Against War [Single Edit]—-Another of my very favorite tracks from this band, I NEVER get tired of listening to this track. This is full of more aggression than KMFDM had managed to conjure up in years. This track is so speedy that you will beat yourself bloody trying to keep up with the pace of this song. This is literally a masterpiece…the synth programming is something of superhuman ideas….and the end result is something that will live on forever…this is fantastic!!!!

Power [Single Mix Edit]—-Faltering a bit, this track finds the band comfortably ensconced in their Industrial dance element that has pervaded many years of its content. The female back tracking gives the song a dance floor friendly sound…almost allowing you to forget that this is German Industrial. Still, at worst…this is one of the best.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

KMFDM / Nihil

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KMFDM is an industrial metal band led by founding member Sascha Konietzko, who started the group as a performance art project. There have been a number of line-up changes over the years, including a temporary disbandment from 1999–2002, with Konietzko being the only constant.

Since their founding in 1984, they have released sixteen studio albums. They had sold approximately 2 million records in the United States alone as of September 2003,[1] with multiple albums selling more than 100,000 copies and a number of singles becoming club hits.

They have been mentioned in connection with two separate school shooting controversies, but have repeatedly distanced themselves from any incitements to violence.

Nihil is the eighth album by the German Industrial rock band KMFDM, released in 1995. It was recorded in Seattle, Washington. It sold over 119,000 copies within fourteen months of its release.[2]

Nihil is one of only two KMFDM studio albums (Opium is the other) that does not feature cover artwork by pop-artist Brute!. Instead, the cover was designed by Francesca Sundsten, wife of drummer Bill Rieflin. The band would return to using Brute!‘s work on the next album Xtort.

A digitally remastered re-release of Nihil was released on March 6, 2007, along with Xtort.

The Analysis:

Ultra—-This is, for all intents and purposes, an almost predictable release from this long-standing Industrial band. That, for one of the strong points of this band…you know what to expect and you seldom get magnificent surprises. The music on this track is aggressive while the vocal comes off as being a bit to breathy for me. The chorus is a nice layered affair that amps up the aggression a bit. This is pretty nice to listen back to.

Juke-Joint-Jezebel—-Much more dance oriented and feature the female vocal that pops up on many of this bands singles, this still remains one of my favorite tracks from this band. This is laden with irresistible hooks and a melody that will stay in your head for days after you listen to this. The little annoying sounds that run through the underbelly of the song almost add an extra dose of charm to this track. This is a landmark single for the band…aggressive but remarkably accessible.

Flesh—-Melding nicely directly from the previous song, this has a much more aggressive Metal lean to it than anything thus far on this release. The vocal is heavy on distortion and ire while the music pummel below everything else. This is full of short, sharp metallic blasts that bring an immediate smile to my face. Really nice! There is some nice vivid lyrical imagery that will make you sit back and pause. Remarkable!

Beast—-Returning to a much more synth based dance sound, this does have its high points. Namely, the menacing vocal stands out for me, but all of the blips and heavy bass makes this much more of a dance song…especially when the female based chorus kicks in. Still nice, but not as heavy as I would like.

Terror—-With an intro bass line that makes me think of Rock Me Amadeus, the vocal snippets are nice and the noise that ensues from the band is pretty magnificent. The vocal on this is outstanding….reminding me that this is really an Industrial band. The noise and the aggression are outstnading…I love this track!

Search & Destroy—-Delving back into machine-made aggression, this is again full of more electronics than direct aggression…until the guitars kick in and give the song some balls. This is fast paced and filled with remarkable little noises that pop up all over in a nice pair of headphones. This is nice……much faster than anything else on this release.

Dis-O-Bedience—-Almost shocking after the speed of the previous track, this enters with a subtle and languid sound. The vocal begins almost spoken with a slight menace and sneer. When the song opens up, it really never develops…this is not one of the bands most stellar moments.

Revolution—-Beginning a bit slow, when the machines and the underlying guitar kicks in, the song does begin to come more alive. Soaked in the ever-present female backdrop vocal, this at times becomes a much more dance friendly song than necessary. There is a slight aggression and energy, but it grinds to a halt with the quasi-chorus of oohs and aahs.

Brute—-This is nicely bolstered by a menacing whispered vocal and a slow emerging guitar. the chorus to this track is huge and slowly becomes the best track on this release. This is machine generated mastery that evokes an angry mood and an irritation that will not leave you alone. This is just….fantastic!

Trust—-This is nice…the beat of the song is progressive and delivered with a commitment that is missing on a few of the tracks on this release. this is…if nothing else….very consistent with the sound of this band. You always know what to expect when you pop in a KMFDM release.

*** 1/2 out of 5

Filter / The Trouble With Angels [Deluxe Edition]

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The Trouble With Angels (Deluxe)Filter (Stylized as FILTER) is an alternative rock group formed in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio by Richard Patrick and guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang, who later left the band in 1997 to form Ashtar Command with Chris Holmes. Filter has released four studio albums, and its fifth album, The Trouble with Angels, is due out in August 17, 2010.

The Trouble with Angels is American band Filter‘s fifth studio album. It was released on August 17, 2010 through Rocket Science Ventures in North America and Nuclear Blast in Europe. The first single from the album, “The Inevitable Relapse”, was released for free on the band’s official website on May 26, 2010.

Disc One:

The Inevitable Relapse—-This release has long been touted as a return to the more Industrialized sounds that the band introduced with their debut back in the mid 90’s….this song is true to form…reminding me of any of the cuts from Short bus. This is aggressive, layered with huge machine sounds and punctuated by the distinctive vocal of Richard. This is one of the best tracks the band has released in any number of years…large and muscular, I might fall in love all over again. Fantastic!!!

Drug Boy—-With huge muscular riffs and gigantic machine generated beats, the familiar and somehow comforting vocal of Richard all come together to create a pretty damn great song. Filter, despite some missteps, has always remained on of my favorite bands and this just goes to show you that good things come to those who wait. This is ballsy, brash and abrasive…all the while welcoming you right back into the fold…pun intended. This is great!

Absentee Father—-Aggressive and layered with machine on top of machine, Richard delivers a vocal that borders on beautiful and manic all at the same time. The song has some strong religious overtones….reminding the listener to never actually give up on the concept of religion…the day may come when you really need God. The aggressive nature of the music that is underneath the vocals is incredible…this is a welcome return to a more industrial style and I welcome it with huge open arms…this is fantastic!

No Love—-With a huge deep bass intro, the guitars enter back in the fray with an aggressive delivery that is on par with any and all of the modern Rock giants that can cross your brain in a moment’s time. What separates this is the remarkable vocal…Richard delivers an unfiltered and straight forward vocal that is pure and pained…au natural. This is fantastic….this is pure Alt-rock delivered with a slight industrial tinge that could quite possibly please everyone. Richard pines on becoming older…as he exclaims that 20 years ago began the story of he…..remarkable.

No Re-Entry—-Richard returns with one of the things that I believe he has always done really well…emotional ballads. This is dipped and drips of emotion and feelings that bleed all over you as the slow drops cover your head and descend over your entire body…becoming a part of you and your very being. The lyrics are intense as hell…seemingly centered on the simple and startling fact that none of us are getting any younger…as each day passes we become older and less relevant. This is brilliant.

Down With Me—-Full on aggression is returned with this track….watch the volume as the beginning of the song might blow off the top of your head…the song slows for a bit, but gradually comes back to life in that creeping filter way that will again take over your entire listening space in a few moments. This is remarkable…aggressive yet incredibly accessible…I love this band!!!

Catch A Falling Knife—-Wow…..the power just keeps coming and coming on this release. This has the nice necessary ebbs and flows that create the basis for a great song…Patrick is a master songwriter and knows how to write a hook that will take over your brain. this is by far one of my favorite tracks on this release. This is aggressive, yet accessible. The song has lyrics that are relatable and accessible…I love this….this is without fault.

The Trouble With Angels—-Beginning with a rather ghostly style vocal, this barely sounds like Mr. Patrick at all…until the chorus and then you are comfortable with the voice once again. this is laden with references of growing older, growing cynicism and growing lack of perspective. The song has a nice bass beat that gives the words an even heavier lean…this is pure energetic mid-life crises put to music…you done good Richard. You are one of my true heroes.

Clouds—-As aggressive as every other track on this release, I am struck by the vivid imagery that is in every single word that is uttered. This is a huge song…full of a bit of anger, a level of remorse and emotional tinge that reeks of regret and despair. This is what aging sounds like…the regret, the lament, the need for a renewal that is gone, the request for a fresh start that is almost impossible to find. This has really dug under my skin…remarkable!!!

Fades Like a Photograph [dead angels]—-Richard spends an entire song saying out loud all of the things that I have been too embarrassed to say out loud. Aging reminds one that they spend a lifetime portraying themselves in a certain manner that never really lets people see whom they really are…embarrasment, insecurity and lack of self-esteem keeps us from being ourdelves…until it is too late. this strikes a chord with me…damn whatevery one thinks…I am me….I gotta be me…..If I can remember who me is……!!!

Disc Two:

The Inevitable Relapse [Clayton Warbeck Mix]—-This is a huge remix….giving you a nice alternative mix to the original [not that you need one]. This looses none of the intensity of the original, but allows for much more industrialized style beats….this is wonderful…I love the voice even when the manipulations are included. This is magnificent…a very favorite of mine right now and probably for quite some time to come.

Drowning—-Wow! This is huge….layered with nice instrumentation and quasi-orchestration, Richard enters with a serene and morose vocal that hearkens back to the best ballads that he has ever produced. This is full of lamentations and the wonderment of never taking advantage of the things you should have. The passing of time and the drowning in the responsibility of life and obligations, the yearning to be free and young…as you can tell, this has struck a huge chord with me…this is magnificent.

Shot From The Sun—-Well versed with the trademark filter style guitars, this is nice!!! Richard delivers even more poignant and literal lyrics that seem to come right from the very center of my brain. where does this guy get his inspiration from….this is autobiographical and personal…TO ME!!! This is so reminiscent of the first two releases…it is so nice to see that the passion is still in place. This is brilliant!!!

My Life Before—-This is layered with a remarkable low-level noise and a pretty melodic line that come together to create a huge layered song that is wrought with despair, regret and a gentle tinge of anger. Patrick is allowed to divulge all of the demons that chase him in the early wee hours of insomnia to the mass public..laying his emotions bare and wide open..only to find out that there are hundreds of us who feel the same way…call me Richard Patrick…..we will talk for sure….

Plume—-Layered and full of emotional delivery, this is kind of trance oriented and full of the type of sounds that allow you to lay flat and let your body rise above and leave you. this is wonderfully emotional…never becoming to loud or out of the ordinary, this is a quasi-industrial track that sets better with me than the best desert after a heavy meal could ever do. This is a fantastic release…get this…and get this now…spend for the extra disc…it is worth the extra 2 dollars!!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]