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Interpol are an American post-punk band formed in 1998. Hailing from New York City, the band often draws comparisons to iconic bands Joy Division and The Chameleons. The band has developed a huge and loyal fan base and have settled into a successful career outside of the comparisons to other bands. Antics, released in 2004, was the band’s second release and last on an independent label. The band is currently at work on their 4th studio release.

Next Exit—-Beginning the song witha comfortable buzzing hum, Paul Banks enters with a vocal that is sublime and full of morose. This is the band at it’s best and should not be missed, the band successfully moved away from the Joy Divisioncomparisons and began to create a sound of their own on this release…the song has a strong Indie flavor, but also some wonderful pop styling. Fantastic.

Evil—-Carlos delivers a bass line that forms the entire composition and remains present through the whole damn thing. Banks delivers a vocal that is somewhat in a higher register and when the chorus of the song kicks in, you prepare yourself for a day of the song living in your brain. The vocal is well presented and clear and the song has an energy that breaks from the usual morose mode of the band. This is almost perfect.

Narc—-With a little deeper sound and a slower tempo, the song takes on a unique feel of almost gentle tenderness. The bass is ever present, but the actual guitar is moved forward in the mix for this one. The song is full of atmosphere and swirling smoke that just sucks you into the mood. Instrumentation is a powerful emotion and this is a clear example of why.

Take You On A Cruise—–Heavily layered with sound, Banks again delivers a vocal that is in a higher more pleasant range. The music swirls and swirls and in the headphones you hear all kind of noises and sounds in the mix. This is a beautiful landscape built of instruments and a damn nice voice.

Slow Hands—-Perhaps the best known track from this band, it is also one of the very best songs in modern pop/rock history. The song manages to convey a high level of energy and at the same time remain sedate and morose. The musical landscape is pure perfection and Paul delivers a vocal that would make Ian Curtis immensely proud. The lyrics are vivid and match the mood of the song to a perfect tee. This is classic and will remain a favorite forever.

Not Even Jail—-With a huge intro that almost reminds me of the beginning of super dance hit Gloria, the whole premise is lost once the music develops and the vocal enters. The styled vocal of Banks is so subtle and sublime that I just squeeze my skull in admiration and awe. The music is more aggressive and driving and just will not let up throughout the entire song. The whole composition just grows and grows as it evolves and leaves you in a sweaty mess on the floor upon completion. Incredible!!!

Public Pervert—-Much slower and atmospheric, the track has short little bursts of sounds that make the track a tad erratic but pleasurable none the less. Banks sings in a style that breaks the mold of all the earlier perceptions. He never fails to surprise me or make me tingle all over. This is pure perfection and must be heard by YOU!

C’mere—-With a more metallic and driving musical delivery, the song is thrust forward by the ever present sound of the bass guitar and the back mix jangle of the electric guitar. Banks has some nice over dubbed vocal that is just masterful and matched to the music masterfully. The emotion is the voice makes the song stellar. This is great!

Length Of Love—-Again, more muscular than some of the earlier tracks, the heavy bass sound of the song propels it forward and provides momentum even though the vocal is rather sedate and slow. This is not a favorite, but by no means a bad song.

A Time To Be So Small—-Again, layered with sound, the bass is at the front, the drums ever present, the guitar a gentle jangle and a intermittent keyboard is heard also. The vocal is a pure and pretty sort of affair that describes the content with vividness and crispiness. This is a great closer to a pretty fantastic release.

***** out of 5