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Deerhoof / Deerhoof VS. Evil

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Deerhoof vs. Evil

Deerhoof is a musical group consisting of Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier.

The Analysis:

Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia—-Deerhoof pick right up where Offend Maggie left off, with just a bit more atmosphere and noise thrown in for fun. This reminds me so much of The Sleigh Bells CD, minus a bit of the static…but there is a remarkable fuzz that runs through this entire record. For me, the most wonderful elements of this song remain the pleasing, child-like vocal and the incredible bass line that appears and disappears with mastery.

Behold A Marvel In The Darkness—-This is so damn pleasant and poppy at the onset….the slight fuzz and noise drifts in and out of the track…helping to keep you alert and surprised. This is a voice from heaven and a huge conglomeration of sound…coming at you from all sides then sinking into a pleasant pop. I love this!

The Merry Barracks—-This is much more, from the onset, what I expected from this release. The music at times reminds me of the Boredoms so much…minus the annoyance of the vocal. This is distorted and fuzzy but delivered with remarkable clarity. It is so nice to have a varied vocal…this breaks up the release well and keeps me interested. Just fantastic stuff.

No One Asked To Dance—-Surprisingly gentle at the onset, delivered with a nice Spanish flavored guitar, this is almost beautiful! The vocal is so sweet and delivered with a sincerity that will have you listening again and again. This is a nice different sound…again keeping me sitting up and listening to each new sound…fresh and exciting.

Let’s Dance The Jet—-Returning to a full throttle sound of noise and bass heavy music, this is electric and synthesized. The deep bass lines that run through the song are offset by an organ like percussion that brings to mind a 70’s spy movie….freakin’ genius!!!

Super Duper Rescue Heads!—-Again, this sounds like a warped soundtrack to an old action movie that never really made it to the screen. The vocal enters in a sing-song delivery that leaves you nodding your head and having the urge to jump around like an idiot. this is just plain fun….how can you not love this stuff…and I promise you…the more you listen the further addicted you become!!!

Must Fight Current—-This has remarkable vocal play between male and female leads that give this a sound like nothing else so far on this release. The male vocal reminds me of Alan Spearhawk so much….the music is damn pleasant and the song takes on an almost hypnotic quality. This is superb…and remains my favorite track on this release.

Secret Mobilization—-Much noisier and delivered with a familiar sound, this has a slight blues sound to it that is a bit of a surprise. The vocal is fun…delivered with an almost teenage novice sound that sucks you in and has you again bopping your head along to the pleasant fuzz. This is lots of fun!

Hey I Can—-Well, here we go again with the surprises. This track has deeper sound that also features an almost Asian flair to the music…like a xylophone or something ringing through the background and a layered vocal that makes me think of silly bands like The Archie’s or something. This is interesting, fun and never, never boring!

C’Moon—-Delivered in another foreign language, the song is still damn pleasant despite not having any idea what the hell is being said. there is a nice marching drum track that runs through the backdrop of the song that manages to keep your attention despite the rather more than sedate vocal.

I Did Crimes For You—-This begins with an intro that makes me think of Nirvana, and dissolves into an understandable and relatable track of the extent we all go for those we profess to love. This is the most ‘human’ song on the release…leaving me with a smile and an uncanny relateablility.

Almost Everyone, Almost Always—-Rounding out this release with a nice level of noise…as it started. There is an underlying beauty to the song and the male vocal provides a nice change of pace that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth. This is damn near brilliant.

**** out of 5