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The Queers / Back To The Basement

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Back to the Basement

The Queers are a punk band formed in 1982 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (A.K.A. Joe Queer). Supposedly, the name ‘Queers’ was used simply to poke fun at what he called the “Art Fag” community in New Hampshire. The band originally broke up in 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1990. That year, the band signed with Shakin’ Street Records and released their first album Grow Up. The album earned the band notoriety within New England, but with the release of their next album 1993’s Love Songs for the Retarded, on Lookout! Records, their following grew larger.[1]

In 2006, after releasing six albums on Lookout!, the band rescinded their master rights from the label, citing breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Later that year they signed with Asian Man Records.

The Analysis:

Rollerdog—-Ahhhh….this has been a long time coming..a fresh release from this band is almost like coming home from a very, very long trip! The classic Queers sound is very much in tact…the guitars and the delivery is loaded with that wonderful surf Punk sound that you depend on…this is a great instrumental to begin the release!!!

Back To The Basement—-The minute you hear this intro and Joe enters with his vocal, you know that the band has lost none of its integrity or drive in the past few years of recording silence. this is a bit less energetic than the band can be, but the sentiment is genuine as hell…this is some of my favorite stuff!!!

Titfuck—-Just the type of song that you would expect the band to throw in the mix at this point of the release…this is a short and energetic…delivered with a remarkable ramones sound that is still loaded with juvenile lyrics and a fun adolescent feel…this is fantastic!!!

Outta My Skull—-This is delivered with such a remarkable melody and harmony that i backed it up and listened to it three times before it actually got out of my system. the sound of this release does sound a bit muted..but overall, this is tried and true Queers…expect what you always expect…smile and enjoy…this is brilliant!!!

Pull Me Out Of It—-Joe delivers that magical whine of his with such ease and predictability that I will have a permanent smile on my face for days after this. this is full of aggressive guitars…loaded drums but also an undeniable Surf sound that leaves you feeling good all over.

Psychedelic Mindfuck—-This is classic stuff…although there seems to be a lot more fuzz on this release than the past few issues. The vocal also seems pushed to the back of the mix a bit more…but the amazing thing is how ageless Joe sounds…the energy and the delivery is almost like the first few releases…that is a result of believing in what you do and loving it in the process!!!

I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp—-This 50 second track is classic Punk Rock…delivered with blistering speed and a remarkable energy, The Queers always manage to include a nice sense of humor with the songs they produce…this is no exception…this is HILARIOUS!!!

I’m Pissed—-Even shorter and more aggressive, this is a furious delivery that actually shows the wear and tear on the vocal…resulting in a rough and classic sound. This is packed with energy and genuity…I love this stuff!!!!

White Minority—-With that nice one speaker introduction, the music hits full throttle and is full of somewhat racist and uncomfortable lyrics at times, but the energy is the thing that makes this addictive as hell. This is classic stuff….delivering a sound that no band has managed since the clash back in the early 80’s…fantastic!!!

Don’t Touch My Hat—-Returning to that energetic and harmony driven expertise the band has mastered with an incredible ease at this point, there is a slight snot nose feel to this song that again makes me smile…this is remarkable…catchy as hell and a lot of fun!!!!

Fucked In The Head—-Another of those hilarious and fun 50 second tracks that manages to find a place in your brain and takes up a permanent residency there. This is energetic…the drums are fantastic and makes up for the fact that the voice seems almost buried…still great fun!!!

Everyday Girl—-Full of Beach Boys styled harmonies and somewhat gentle lyrics, this is nice but a departure from the more fun angle of the band. This is melodic..full of harmonies and full of that Brian Wilson sound….this is fun for a bit, but the repetitive quality is not what I expected.

Keep It Punk—-Loaded with that remarkable slowed down Ramones sound that this band has managed to turn into an Art form, this is a great way to end this release. The drums, especially the high hats are incredible…the leads are delivered with a nice fuzz and the vocal is so damn pleasant you have to listen to this a few dozen times…just incredible!!!

**** out of 5

Blink 182 / Greatest Hits

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Greatest Hits

Blink-182 is an American pop punk band from San Diego, California, formed in 1992.[2] The band formed as “Blink” with vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge, vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor. In 1998, midway through a U.S. tour, current drummer Travis Barker replaced Scott Raynor.

After releasing debut album Cheshire Cat (1994), the band achieved moderate success with Dude Ranch (1997), now having sold over a million copies. However, the trio achieved even greater success with the multi-platinum selling Enema of the State (1999). Their following two albums maintained their popularity; Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001) and Blink-182 (2003) before DeLonge left the group in early 2005, initiating an indefinite hiatus. DeLonge went on to form Angels & Airwaves, while Hoppus and Barker continued playing music together in +44. After some tragic events involving the band and its entourage, Blink-182 reunited in February 2009 and a new album is in the works.[3]

Blink-182 has sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

The Analysis:

Carousel—-These early singles really captured blink at the most raw and driven of their storied career. This was a band that was newly signed to a major and was looking to really score big with the emerging community. This was California Pop/Punk at it’s best…the energy was remarkable and the snotty nosed vocal was perfect for the time and the sunshine. It took some time for this band to submerge itself in its silly reputation…the music stood well enough on its own…without all of the gross jokes and naked videos.

M+M’s—-Seriously…this is as catchy and fine tuned as anything that The Queers have put out in their time. This second single is much more polished and better produced. The drums are incredible and the pace of the guitars are blistering….but the vocal remains steady and full of emotion…to me this was the remarkable period of Blink!!!

Dammit—-Much more bass driven and with a more venomous vocal, this was noisy and on the level with Social Distortion. Seriously, the drums and the guitar are so sharp and driven…without either of them this would be a underproduced pseudo-punk song. This has energy and a remarkable genuity to it…a favorite…this is real for me!

Josie—-These early days, before the Boys began to become a parody of themselves, produced some really power packed Pop/Punk tracks that still to this day remain my favorites…the early and the late days of the band show the true personalities of the group…before the label pressure and the stupid fart jokes….lets hope the new material is MUCH more mature!

What’s My Age Again?—-This marks the beginning of what I call Blink 182’s Beastie Boys period…most of the music from here on out was pretty silly up until the last release from the band. This particular single, has some really high points. The melody and the band harmonies are pretty incredible…and the sentiment of the song can make you step back and take pause if it catches you on the right day. This is fantastic…I never tire of this.

All The Small Things—-Although this track has some really great musical moments, it is mostly overlooked because of the juvenile nature of the lyrics. If the truth be told, listen to this without the lyrics and you realize how deep-seeded in the scene that the band still was when it released this single. This is as good as anything SD has released in the past 10 years, as good as anything from Bad Religion or NOFX….embrace it….yeah, you Tina!!

Adam’s Song—-Most people who dislike this band really hate it because of vocals like this. to me, this makes the band even more endearing and attractive. The voice seems to match the lyrics for me…there are incredibly highs and emotional lows…this is triumphant. I love this stuff!!! Pop…Punk…Sellout….whatever you want to call me….

Man Overboard—-This is incredible… I the only 40 something man who really loves this band? The melody that this band produces is incredible…Travis delivers drums that are 100% all of the time…and when the two voices and two guitars come together it creates this wall of sound that is incredible….jeez!!!

The Rock Show—-Aggressive and melodic, the drums, as always stand out. This is driving and energetic as hell…it will plant in your brain and will live there forever. The lyrics are simple, but so damn relatable. This is as good as anything that The Ramones managed…with enough surf attitude to keep Queers fans happy. This is wonderful!!!!

First Date—-Yes, this is a very juvenile song…but listen to the words…can you not remember the very same feelings that you had in your lifetime? Set to the frantic pace of the music, I bet you $100 that your heart was moving this fast. This is nostalgic, modern and delivered with a Surf sound that would play remarkably well at CBGB’s.

Stay Together For The Kids—-The Boys began to grow up with alarming rapidity. This is an intriguing and desolate track. the chorus is bigger than any emotion you can imagine if you have been through this…this is remarkably insightful and painful. When the voices come together…it is simply amazing…this is the sound of All The Small Things melting away into very large matters….wonderful!!!

Feeling This—-This has never been a huge favorite of mine….until the chorus. This is a spectacular display of the classic punk whine…ever!!!! When the voices change back and forth…with the incredible guitar melodies and the drums that leave your forehead swollen…Jeez…can you not love this band!!!

I Miss You—-Call me a poseur or whatever…this remains my favorite Blink song EVER. I love the gentleness of the song, the adult attitude and the blatant display of musical ability that far exceeds the all out Pop/Punk mentality. To me this is brilliant…the gentle switch between vocalists gives the song a huge emotional feel. This is brilliance that people wont get for another 20 years!

Down—-Beginning with a nice solid bass assault, the song take s a really nice aggressive feel. The track slows a bit to allow for the vocal, but the anger and ire of the music is not allowed to remain dormant for too long. This is a marvelous, melodic track that transfers feelings magically through your headphones…my whole body wants with the song. This is magical!

Always—-This was the point when Tom and his more ambitious plans for the band could really be heard. This is much more layered and full of atmosphere and texture. This was pre-Angels & Airwaves….this single would have fir perfectly on any of the three releases that AVA made. This is intense, bitter, real and emotional. It burns my nerve ending!

Not Now—-Clocking in a 4+ minutes, this track has that predictable pre- AVA sound. This leads me to wonder if this was all at the basis of the band separating for the time that it did. I also wonder if the rest of the band is convinced that Tom has gotten all of this stuff out of his system and that they will return to the juvenile tomfoolery that it was. The anticipation of a new recording is almost excruciating…it will prove interesting.

Another Girl Another Planet—-Right from the onset….Fantastic!!! This is brilliant…the melodic sounds of the instruments are incredible…the vocal has that familiar whine that the punk movement defined. the energy lacks a bit with this song…the beginning of the end? Perhaps…or a break before the beginning of something magnificent and real….the pressure is one guys….make me smile!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

The Queers / Don’t Back Down

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Don't Back Down

Don’t Back Down is the fifth album by pop punk band The Queers released on Lookout! Records. It was remastered by Mass Giorgini and reissued by Asian Man Records in 2007 with 3 songs from the Bubblegum Dreams EP.[1]

Kembrew McLeod of Allmusic regarded the album as an artistic peak, stating that “the Queers successfully use the musical vocabularies developed by the Ramones (as well as Brian Wilson and others) and take their songs to new levels” and “some of the songs, dare it be said, even surpass many of Brian Wilson’s perfect pop songs.”

The Analysis:

No Tit—-Beginning this release brash but with a huge sense of melody, the band pulls no punches when it comes to delivering somewhat tasteless songs mixed in with their otherwise perfect pop songs. Even with the lyrical content, which can be overlooked, there is a remarkable melody and fantastic energy.

Punk Rock Girls—-In my opinion, one of the best songs that this band has ever delivered. This has that punk mentality and energy, mixed in with an irresistible melody and pogo styled chorus. This is fantastic…perhaps a  band at the first height of their career, this is has always been a favorite and I return to it often. this has Beach Surf written all over it!

I’m OK, You’re Fucked—-delivered at hyper speed and showing the pure punk roots of the band, this track abandons all forms of melody for a loud, fast brash delivery of manic music. This is superb..full of energy and a classic lyric. Brilliant!

Number One—-Delivered with classic Social Distortion style guitars but a Beach Boys vocal, this song is literally genius. This is wonderful Beach Pop that offers a nice fuzzy backdrop and a bass line that provides all of the melody lines for the song. The vocal is actual singing…rather than the predictable screams of most Punk Rock…this is just fantastic!

Don’t Back Down—-This sounds more like the Beach Boys than the Beach Boys….even breaking into a nice doo wah falsetto. this is freakin’ awesome!!! Well constructed and delivered with a melody line that will still be in my head tomorrow morning, this is impressive as hell. I love this band…the more records I discover, the more I fall in love!!!

I Only Drink Bud—-a bit more abrasive and energetic, this is classic Queers. The band delivers a punk classic that we can all relate to…BEER!!! The handclaps are so cheesy that they become endearing…this is just fantastic.

I Always Knew—-This is another of those tracks that has a remarkable melody and a damn accessible sound. Why was this band never huge? I love the gentleness of the track…the vocal is damn accessible and the oohs and aahs are remarkable…giving the song that classic Beach/Surf sound. Fantastic!!!

Born To Do Dishes—-Returning to full throttle Punk, this song travels at hyper speed but never looses the wonderful harmony that is in almost every song. Granted, this is a damn silly song…but it is so endearing and accessible you can’t dislike it…even with all of your might!

Janelle, Janelle—-This is one of the high points of this record…delivered with some pretty human and relatable lyrics, a remarkable melody and a speed that allows you to actually catch every word. This is wonderful…I can’t get enough of this stuff. Really one of those bands that flew so far under the radar they missed the boat…but this is a reminder of why they first caught my attention…this is damn brilliant!

Brush Your Teeth—-From the onset, this song features the ‘other side’ of The Queers…the one that has their foot firmly planted in the Punk Rock community…delivering silly songs at hyper speed with a huge contagious melody line. This is fantastic…fast and furious and a whole lot of nonsense in the process.

Sidewalk Surfer Girl—-Returning to full on Beach Boys pop punk rock, the band delivers a touching lyric set to a remarkable lyric that pleases from the very first listen. this stuff never gets old or sounds dated to me…this is original and fresh…brings a huge smile to my face and plants irresistible melodies in my ADD brain. Fantastic!

Another Girl—-Blistering from the onset, the remarkable thing is that you are able to catch every word…despite the fuzz and the speed. This is fabulous…Joe & Co. give me yet another favorite record. This is brilliant..full of huge guitar solos and wonderful melodies…all in the spectrum of 1 minute and 53 seconds…wow!

Love Love Love—-Fuzzy and a bit muted, this song has the vocal pushed way to the back of the mix..making me wonder if this was a different recording/production session. the song is brilliant and catchy none the less…delivering a faster and more hyper kinetic sound. This is brilliance…the guitar solo has a nice rock-a-billy feel that leaves you only wanting more.

I Can’t Get Over You—-With a huge ‘guest’ female vocal, this is a shimmering and almost glossy song that is delivered at a much slower pace. although the slight Queers fuzz is still pleasant in the backdrop, you are reminded just how talented this bunch of scraggly punk rockers really are. This is sheer brilliance and pleasure.

Never Ever—-Wonderful from the first note, this has that trademark Beach sound of early Queers recording all over it. This is a brilliant pop song…if nothing else. This is layered with huge surf sounds that remind you of mid-career Ramones….I could never ask for more from this band…and did I mention that Joe Queer has a damn nice singing voice?

Little Honda—-Coming back at you with that nice mix that is classic Beach Boys thrown in the blender with The Ramones, The Queers delivers a song that will have you tapping your feet and grabbing for Pet Sounds before you can help yourself. This is so damn pleasant…I ask myself again…why was this band buried so far in the underground no one ever heard this great stuff….what a travesty!

End It All Now—-Ending this brilliant release with a track that delivers more of the shiny Surf Punk sounds mixed with a remarkable guitar fuzz thrown in for good measure, this was a band at their most creative. I love this…the melody is simply addictive…the vocals are crystal clear and the harmonies that run through the back drop make this a permanent part of your favorite playlist!

****3/4 out of 5

Misfits / Collection 2

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Collection 2

The Analysis:

We Are 138—-A landmark moment in the career of this band a favorite song among Misfit fans everywhere, this song is a bit more pared down as far as speed of delivery goes, but the clear production quality is a nice rarity and the vocal is so familiar and comfortable. This is classic stuff. Shame on me for asking…”What’s 138 mean?” LMAO!!!

Attitude—-Again, the production quality on this song is so good…the vocal is not much different from the things that Glenn is turning out now. This is brief and freakin’ energetic as hell. Danzig sounds so clear and almost possessed with his vocal delivery. This is much more upfront Punk rock…the type that inspired crowds to go insane at live shows…this is exquisite.

Cough/Cool—-Another of those songs that I count as my favorites in this bands catalog, the music is much slower and delivered with a deep sound that reminds me of current day Danzig. I love the darker edge to the music…the slower pace of the song allows you to really concentrate of the wonderful instrumentation that this band was capable of producing. This is fantastic!!!

Last Caress—-One of the most famous of this bands songs, Danzig delivers a vocal that is full of graphic and vivid lyrics. The music is pared down to a slower pace, but never loses any of the intensity that the band is known for. This is classic stuff and still remains a very favorite of mine and Misfit fans everywhere.

Return Of The Fly—-This is nice…the music is layered and delivered with a really nice energy…but it is the progression of the band developed that Glenn was leading the direction of the sound and pace of the band. It seems to me that the music became secondary to the vocal and the vocal presence. The band does join in on the chorus a bit, but overall the melody is provided by Glenn alone.

Children In Heat—-This is much fuzzier and delivered with a faster and dirtier sound. Danzig seems pushed to the back of the mix…the guitars are really loud on this track…the music is energetic as hell and that remarkable melody runs through the entire song. This is superb!

Rat Fink—-This is so deep in sound and so poorly recorded that you lose almost half of the song due to the deep sound of the recording. You hear the drums and the voice and that is about it…the guitars seem to be missing almost all together. None the less, you recognize the wonderful melody and the gang style vocal that turns this into a nice barn burner despite the sound quality.

Horror Hotel—-This is great!!! The sound is much better and the track has a live quality to it that you can not ignore. The energy is fantastic and the vocal is outstanding..I just love Glenn Danzig…that voice is one for the history books. Just remarkable….and the energy….contagious as hell.

Halloween—-Perhaps one of the band’s trademark songs, this version is remarkable. It is raw as hell…but the deep baritone of Danzig is kept well in place…showing you just how good he was at live recording. The music is blistering fast and the guitars are loaded with tons of fuzz. the chorus is magnificent and still gives me goosebumps.

Halloween II—-Not really necessary, but i guess it is important in the history of the band…especially for the completest fans. This version is so poorly recorded that you barely catch a single word that is uttered except for the repetitive chorus that is a copy cat of the original version. this is nice to have, but something that I usually skip over.

Hate Breeders—- Ahhhh….my favorite!!! Have you heard the Hatebreed cover of this song…they take things to a whole new level and you must check it out…you know where the true inspiration came from after hearing this original. This is pure, unadulterated Punk rock…delivered by some of the masters of the genre. I love every single second of this song…no negatives….ZERO!!!

 Braineaters—-This is energetic as I don’t know what. There is a certain element of humor included on this track, reminding the fan that this band had a fun side to them as well. This is fast…I love the drum track and the whole band joins in on this 59 second song that still has a beginning…a middle and an end…believe it or not!

Nike-A-Go-Go—-This is so muddled and full of bad production sound, that you lose much of the energy of the song. Glenn does deliver a pretty stellar vocal though…this has a true Punk element that shines through the deep and dank part of the song. this is nice, I just wish it were recorded with a bit more clarity.

Devil’s Whorehouse—-With a much clearer production quality, this is classic Danzig as far as I’m concerned. the music, although fast paced still reminds me of stuff that you hear being released by this guy these days. This is steeped much more in dark imagery and evil overtones rather than the playful Punk that started with the band.  The shape of thing to come!

Mephisto Waltz—-Returning to the fast paced Punk rock element, and the trade-off of vocals that provide that certain energy, the song is nice, but still just remains a blip on the radar as far as this bands catalog goes. This is nice for the energy and the rather manic vocal…the guitars shine mid way through but the sound is a bit to muffled for me.

We Bite—-This is FANTASTIC!!! Delivering a track that makes me think of Suicidal Tendencies, this is so metallic and fast that there is no way you can keep up with the pace of the song. Danzig barely does!!! This is so energetic that i am typing standing up…there is no way you can stay in your seat during this song!!!!

Queen Wasp—-this is full of guitar static and energy. Glenn sings at such a fast pace you find yourself exhausted by the time the mid way of the song happens. I still am amazed that everyone remembered where they were and what song they were playing…this is true Punk Rock!!!

Demonomania—-Clocking in at just 45 seconds, this is a mish mash of sound, speed and dementia. Classic misfits…..nuff said!

Hellhound—-This is so aggressive and noisy that I had to listen to it 3 times before I could continue on. Danzig has a vocal that is a bit muffled, but it allows the barrage of music to hit you right in the center of your forehead. This is layered and delivered with such energy…whew!!!!

Bloodfeast—-This is just classic Danzig stuff…it is no wonder that he moved on from this band…his lyrics and ideas were out maturing the band and he need to go to do as he wished. This is a clear example of the stuff that he would go on to do…masterful, dark and layered with a certain evil twist…this is history!!!

**** 1/2 out of 5

Misfits / Collection

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The Misfits are an American rock band often recognized as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre, blending punk rock and other musical influences with horror film themes and imagery. Founded in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig, the group had a fluctuating lineup during its first six years with Danzig and bassist Jerry Only as the only consistent members. During this time they released several EPs and singles and, with Only’s brother Doyle as guitarist, the albums Walk Among Us (1982) and Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood (1983), both considered touchstones of the early-1980s hardcore punk movement. The Misfits disbanded in 1983 and Danzig went on to form Samhain and then Danzig. Several albums of reissued and previously unreleased material were issued after the group’s dissolution, and their music became influential to punk rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock music of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

After a series of legal battles with Danzig, Only and Doyle regained the rights to record and perform as the Misfits. They formed a new version of the band in 1995 with singer Michale Graves and drummer Dr. Chud. This incarnation of the Misfits had a sound much more rooted in heavy metal and released the albums American Psycho (1997) and Famous Monsters (1999) before dissolving in 2000. Jerry Only then took over lead vocals and recruited former Black Flag guitarist Dez Cadena and former Ramones drummer Marky Ramone for a Misfits 25th Anniversary tour. This lineup released an album of cover songs entitled Project 1950 and toured for several years. In 2005 Ramone was replaced by Robo, who had played with Black Flag in the early 1980s and had also previously been the Misfits’ drummer from 1982 to 1983. The current lineup of Only, Cadena, and Robo continues to tour and has announced plans to record an album of new material.

The Analysis:

She—-Perhaps one of the landmarks of the band, this track combines the remarkable speed of classic Punk rock with the unique and addictive qualities of Danzig vocals…all coming together to create a huge, hazy track that is both delivered with a sense of brutality and humor.This is a remarkable memory.

Hollywood Babylon—-This track, delivered with a remarkable bass line, does not differ that much from much of the stuff that Glenn has done in his solo career. There is no escaping the addictive quality of the voice and the plunk, plunk of the constant bass line. this is two minutes of pure pleasure. Delivered with a nice sense of melody as well.

Bullet—-Now, this is much more up my alley…delivered with a snotty attitude and lyrics that tend to shock most people of common sensibilities, Danzig delivers a blistering vocal. The huge fuzz of sound tells of the archaic production at the time of the recording…that only adds to the charm of the song. This is fantastic!

Horror Business—-This is so fuzzy and muted, it is hard to really appreciate the grand energy of the song. The guitars sound like they were recorded in a bathroom in a different apartment. the gang style vocal adds to the Punk mentality of the track…this is real, raw and amazingly fresh.

Teenagers From Mars—-This is another rare track that is recorded in studio and raw. This has a nice energy to it, but the fuzzy production is so dense that it is almost unacceptable to the every day listener…although this release is a good place to cut you misfit teeth on, it is important to know that the originals are even worse in production quality than this is…because this IS Punk rock!!!

Night Of The Living Dead—-I love this freakin’ song!!! Mostly because of the gang style vocal, but also because of the raw and live element of the song. Danzig hardly sounds like himself on this track…the voice is pushed so far to the back of the mix. this is fuzzy and raw…exactly as it was meant to be heard. this is a landmark recording.

Where Eagles Dare—-Much more upfront and delivering a huge dose of energy, there is still a nice fuzz to the guitar track. Danzig delivers one of my favorite vocals…the gang style vocal on the chorus only adds to the Punk element. This has so much energy and vehemence that it is hard to stay in your seat throughout the song. This is classic Misfits.

Vampira—-Blistering and a bit more than muted, Danzig has a vocal that is authentic but so removed from the song you question whether they were in the same room! This is a nice blend of Ramones style Punk with a heavier Surf element to it…I love the energy and you have to love the voice…another classic in 2 minutes or less.

I Turned Into A Martian—-This is hyper-kinetic…the music comes at you so fast. the surf-punk element is there and the gang style vocals add a touch of fun to the track. The remarkable thing about this band is that despite the speed or the fuzz, every song has a wonderful sense of melody to it. these were artists…despite people believing otherwise.

Skulls—-This is just classic! The wonderful energy is still intact, although the song comes at you at a slower pace than most of the bands masterpieces. Danzig even abandons the deeper baritone for a higher vocal on this track…and you know…it really works. Brilliant!

London Dungeon—-With a much better production sound and a slower more practiced delivery, this is a nice example of how the band was developing before Glenn abandoned ship. This is not that much different from any Danzig recording from the last 10 years…of course with that distinctive voice how could it be. This is a clear example of the direction he was leaning towards.

Ghouls Night Out—-This is just plain fun…I would suppose that at the time this was released this was rather shocking. compared to some of the music you can pick up today, this is rather tame though. I love the energy and the raw quality of the recording..this was great fun and still remains so today.

Astro Zombies—-The sound level on this recording is so deep and muted that at times it is difficult to hear even some of the vocals…none the less, this is full of fast and furious playing and lyrics that are heavily steeped in the dark. Danzig never looses that distinctive quality of his voice and when the band joins in on the chorus, they give the mighty Ramones a run for their money.

Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?—-Another of those landmark songs in the band’s recording career, the only draw back to this is the really poor sound quality of the recording. This goes back and forth…slowing and then speeding up to a level that is so fast you wonder how the hell Glenn managed to keep up with the music…the loudest part of the song is the constant cymbal crashing…this is classic, raw Punk Rock.

Die, Die My Darling—-Beginning with a nice barrage of feedback, the band delivers a rather slower version of this song on this compilation. the song is really accessible…thanks in part to the pared down speed of the track and the remarkable vocal from Danzig. This is just classic melodic Punk rock that I hope never gets forgotten.

Earth A.D.—-This is another of those tracks that sounds like it was recorded live with two mics and little acoustic value. This is speedy and delivered with an energy that brings an instant smile to my face. This is a magical moment caught in time…there just aren’t bands making music like this anymore…I miss this raw spontaneous music.

Devilock—-Instant and seeming to meld right from the previous song, this actually sounds like the same song in an extended form. Danzig delivers a vocal that is so pushed to the back of the mix and distant that you have to really strain to hear each of the words that he delivers at a rather blistering speed. This is still classic stuff…history making and still appreciated by kids everywhere today.

Death Comes Ripping—-Beginning rather sedate and then opening up at blistering speed, Danzig delivers his words so fast that it is impossible to catch the words without a lyric sheet. The band vocals on the chorus really gives the song that melodic Punk Rock element…this is magnificent…if just for the noise quality alone. Remarkable!!!!

Green Hell—-Famously covered by Metallica, it is nice to know that bands are willing to pay homage to their heroes. this is bass heavy and fast, Glenn delivering a classic Punk vocal. This is magnificent and this original version is far better than anyone could ever hope to replicate.

Wolfsblood—-To me, this has a much more metal feel than the quick and eb=nergetic Punk sounds of many of the bands songs…perhaps this was a Danzig thing. This is a lot more screaming and a lot less melody. Still, this is a nice piece of history.

**** out of 5

The Queers / Rocket To Russia

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Rocket to Russia

Rocket to Russia is a Ramones cover album by pop punk band The Queers.[1] This one of a series of full-length Ramones cover albums (which also included Ramones by Screeching Weasel, Leave Home by The Vindictives, Road to Ruin by The Mr. T Experience) released by Selfless Records in the mid-1990s.[2]

Queers vocalist and guitarist, Joe King, has repeatedly stated that the Ramones are one of the biggest influences on the band.[2][3][4][5] He wanted the Queers to sound “in between the Ramones and the Beach Boys.”[6] However, he was not thrilled about recording a Ramones album, stating that “they’re usually perfect to begin with.”[7] At the time, the band did not have anything released except Love Songs for the Retarded and making the album helped them get by financially.[8]

This album has been praised for faithfully reproducing the sound of the original Rocket to Russia. It was called “an impressive feat of mimicry” and “a nice tribute to the [Queers’] obvious heroes.”[2] However, this quality is also the album’s weak point because it is redundant.[2]

Joe King has regretted making this album and expressed outrage at Clearview Records for unpaid royalties from reissues.[8] In 2006, the band would have similar troubles with Lookout! Records and rescind their master rights from the label.

Cretin Hop—-One of the remarkable things you notice about this particular recording vs. the original is the hi-fi quality of it. This is not nearly as muted as The Ramones version…this is pretty remarkable and true to the original…I love how Joe works his voice…his impersonation is spot on.

Rockaway Beach—-Aggressive and delivered with a remarkable level of fun, Joe really does not try to sound like Joey….he just tries to give a quality preformance…the entire band really succeeds on this point. This is fun, original and pays homage to one of the bands heros….really well. I love this stuff.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow—-Delivered with a nice snarl and a remarkable snotty attitude, you can’t get this out of your head after you hear it. The lead guitar solo is spot on…the band delivers a nice fuzzy rendition that reeks of attitude and sunshine!!!

Locket Love—-Noisy, loud and fast….this is typical Ramones fare….you can tell the influence and the love for the band. Although at times, the band seems like they are just going through the motions…it is no secret they did not want to record this and sometimes it is rather obvious.

I Don’t Care—-This is nice…Joe delivers a straight forward spot on vocal and the band delivers the required doo-wop surf sounds in the back drop. this is fun, remarkably accurate and a nice piece of history.

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker—-Wow…this blows me away. This is spot on and full of fun. Joe had yet to perfect his snot nosed bratty attitude, but you could tell the formation was well in tact. this fast, delivered with a dedication and remarkably fun.

We’re A Happy Family—-Loud and brash, this has a bit too much energy in contrast to the original version. Joe lacks some of the vocal nuances that the original had, but i suspect that was done on purpose. I love this…I could see how many purists would find this insulting…to me this is just a boat load of fun!!!

Teenage Lobotomy—-This is great…makes me think of my old friend Joe……this is delivered with attitude and snot…the guitar blasts are spot on and the song has just enough differences on the vocal level to give it its own sound. I really could not ask for more, this stands next to the original amazingly well.

Do You Wanna Dance—-This is much more in the Queers vein….a nice cross of punk meets The Beach Boys…this is a lot of fun…it will land in your brain and live there for quite sometime and you will turn to it over and over when you need that extra pickup. this is fantastic!!!

I Wanna Be Well—-Again…what more can you say about near perfection….this is the closet thing you can get to the original and a nice alternative if you want a fresh perspective. This is energetic…lively as hell and delivered with a ton of fun!!!!

I Can’t Give You Anything—-Delivered at hyper speed and with that slight bratty vocal style from Joe, this is a nice look back at the early days of the band before they really established a true sound of their own. This is pretty damn noisy at times…but still remains true to the original and putting a huge smile on my face.

Ramona—-With a huge blistering intro that is full of speed but that remarkable Ramones melody, this track is so true to the original and sheepishly, I admit that I might like this better than the original. This is awesome…the vocals are so nice…expecially on the chorus…think the Beach Boys in a bus crash…brilliant!!!

Surfin’ Bird—-This is loud, abrasive and so damn accessible that you just shake your head at both the brilliance of The Ramones and the Queers as well…this is a classic cover track that should be prominently displayed on any tribute available to true Ramones fans…remarkable!!!!

Why Is It Always This Way—-Pleasant and filled with classic pop punk riffs that The Ramones perfected so well, this song does have a certain noisy tone to it that is just remarkable. I love this band…I love the interpretations and I love the attitude!!!

Blabbermouth—-Full of the classic reverb that made this track a favorite, Joe delivers a vocal that is so full of attitude and snot that you back the entire thing back and listen to it again and again….this is brilliance and only a hint of how magnificent this very favorite band of mine was going to become. Wonderful!!!

**** out of 5

The Queers / Alive In Hollyweird

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Alive In Hollyweird

The Queers are a punk band formed in 1982 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (A.K.A. Joe Queer). Supposedly, the name ‘Queers’ was used simply to poke fun at what he called the “Art Fag” community in New Hampshire. The band originally broke up in 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1990. That year, the band signed with Shakin’ Street Records and released their first album Grow Up. The album earned the band notoriety within New England, but with the release of their next album 1993’s Love Songs for the Retarded, on Lookout! Records, their following grew larger.[1]

In 2006, after releasing six albums on Lookout!, the band rescinded their master rights from the label, citing breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Later that year they signed with Asian Man Records.

No Tit—-On record, this band is dynamic and energetic as hell, live this band is even more riotous and raucous. this short little ditty is full of energy and the remarkably familiar vocal from Joe Queer…this just makes you feel energetic and manic as hell…one of the bands that have been there from the beginning…this is most excellent.

We’d Have A Riot Doing Heroin—-The sound quality, for the band at least is a bit underwhelming on this recording…the vocal is very forward and in your face. This is energetic pop-punk that sucks you in from the very first chord and gives you these great little energy bursts with each song. This is fantastic!!!

I Spent The Rent—-At only 18 seconds, what can you say…this is an energetic rant that says it all. This band is one of my favorites….32 songs in 45 minutes will tell you why…no attention span necessary! Brilliant!

Nothing To Do—-At only 45 seconds, I like this version even better than the recorded one. this is so full of manic energy that you sometimes wonder what these recording sessions must be like…really hoping for new material very soon. This is a great reminder of why I love this band so much.

I Can’t Stop Farting—-Juvenile and hilarious, this is energetic and a literal manic mess delivered live…the guitars are huge and electric and Joe just spits lyric after lyric…this is incredible.

Night Of The Livid Queers—-Joe sounds so much like Mike Ness sometimes I get confused to what band I’m listening to. This is fantastic…allowing for some great guitars and a wonderful nasal punk delivery, this is magnificent.

My Old Man’s A Fatso—-Delivered at the typical hyper speed, Joe delivers a vocal that is jumbled and almost understandable…none the less you are sucked in by the fun element of the song and you are destined to pogo for days…truly innovators, I can’t wait for a new release from Joe & Co.

Tulu Is A Wimp—-Fast and seemless, one song magically becomes another and reviewing this is almost impossible…none the less, if you want a really fun hyper evening…catch this band live…you will never be disappointed.

I Want Cunt—-less than a minute, this is just a jumbled mess that belies the name of the band and sends a nice message out to all of the ladies in the audience. this is awesome.

Monster Zero—-One of my favorite songs from this band, this is much more along the Social Distortion brand of Punk…fast, energetic and bare bones…featuring a really nice guitar solo, Joe comes right back with his blistering vocal and the crowd must be going wild. this is fantastic…this live experience is a must for anyone who even considers themselves a fan.

You’re Tripping—-Blistering and delivered with no hold barred, you have to wonder how these guys get all of this energy every night. this is poppy, this is surf and this is magnificent fun. I LOVE this band.

Wimpy Drives Through Harlem—-This is delivered so fast, you are really taken aback bu the remarkable sense of harmony that the entire thing has. The voice is actually delivered in a sing song way rather than just a scream….I love this shit…this is so energetic and contagious, you will listen to this for days on end.

Steak Bomb—-What a magnificent mess this is…just noise and hyper kinetic instrumentation that makes you want to pummel the guy standing next to you…regardless of his size or appearance…this is awesome.

Drop the Attitude Fucker—-Joe returns and delivers a nice clear vocal that is a bit nasal and delivered in the best Ramones impression on the face of the earth…the message is strong and clear…no room for posers or fakes…just kick out the jams already!!! This is incredible.

Fuck You—-Song after song all blend together to create this huge long exposure to the underbelly of pop punk circa 1980/80/oo. This is brilliant…I never get tired of this…the pace is incredible and the delivery never ever lags.

Like A Parasite—-Returning to his best Ness vocal, this nasal delivery resonates with me the most. I love the remarkable ability to keep melody involved despite the pace and speed of the music…this is an art that this particular band has honed to a tee. This is exquisite…Joe really knows how to work a crowd.

I Didn’t Get Invited To The Prom—-another really favorite song of mine, Joe again delivers his vocal in that nasally Offspring, Social Distortion way that cracks a huge smile across my face. This is remarkably energetic, juvenile and a huge load of fun. This is The Queers.

Ben Weasel—-Even faster than the recorded version, you have to wonder how the hell these guys can play so fast for such an extended amount of time…not to mention the workout that Joe has to undergo for a performance. This is contagious, melodic and hyper as hell….kudos guys.

Danny Vapid—-With an almost noticeable slower pace to the song, even in a live setting, you can actually catch some of the words that are spit from Joe. This is incredible even if it is a bit homophobic…especially for a band called The Queers…none the less, you take it in stride and humor. This is awesome.

Cindy’s On Methadone—-This is almost hilarious it is so tongue in cheek. the speed of the song is pretty incredible…as well as the underlying melody of the whole damn thing. I freakin’ love this band…did I mention that already? This is fantastic!!!

Hi Mom It’s Me—-Delivered with blistering speed and some great lyrics, you have to wonder how proud Joe Queers’s Mom must be with this whole thing as he traverses the country sleeping in vans and garagess…none the less…this is pure pop punk delivered like no one else can do.

Granola Head—-Almost indistinguishable from the previous track, after awhile all of this sounds like one long masterful mass of pure fun punk rock. This is great…catchy and unrelenting. This quickly dissolves into…

Ursula Finally Has Tits—-A huge fun song that is also a favorite of mine…it must be hard to write such juvenile songs as the middle age creeps up on you…Joe never seems to have problems finding material or creative process though. This is energetic, pogo style punk that will incite a riot in the right place. I love this.

Love Love Love—-The music on this track is fantastic…delivered in a pure punk surf rock style, the melody line sticks in your brain and has you nodding your head long after it passes…of course Joe delivers a masterful vocal, but the music really is the thing that sticks with you.

Goodbye California—-A blistering, speedy track that finds the crowd going nuts. Joe plays to the crowd and lets them know that this is the last night in Ca. before they venture on and you can hear the crowd return the love. This is magical.

Fuck The World—-With some nice guitar feedback and a remarkable sense of melody, the band moves magically from song to song. This is another of those Mike Ness impersonations that I find so endearing. Joe delivers song after song without ever losing one single bit of his energy…for a guy approaching 40, this is magnificent and admirable…I love this.

Six Pack—-Covering Black Flag better than Black flag, this is a different vocalist that steps in for joe and delivers a blistering and almost demonic, maniacal delivery that will go down in history as one of the best Black Flag covers ever. This is fantastic and a true piece of history.

This Place Sucks—-This is incredible…another really favorite punk songs of mine, this is so full of energy and vigor that you just want to get up in you living room and pummel anything that is in your area. This is magnificent…the energy is undeniable and the magnificenve is to be remembered.

Noodlebrain—-Returning for some encores, the band seems to have lost none of the energy that was there when they first began their set. Joe is so comfortable with the familiar melodies and the vibrant musicianship of his current band…this is incredible…I could never ask for more from these guys….ever!

I Hate Everything—-Magically evolving from the previous track, this is magnificent. The guitar solos on this are literally magnificent. the gang vocals on the chorus give the band a much larger sound…I love this shit…I wonder if I have everything i can get. Jeez…come on with a new record already.

Kicked Out Of The Weblo’s—-Another of those favorite tracks of mine, I can only imagine being at this show and finally getting to hear this in the last minutes of the set. This is wonderfully fast and delivered full on par with the recorded version.

Punk Rock Girls—-A stand out in The Queers catalog, you cannot deny the magical melody and the contagious quality of the melody that runs underneath the whole damn thing. This is a shining moment for the band and I hope they never stop playing this live….brilliant!.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Against Me! / White Crosses [With Bonus Tracks]

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White CrossesAgainst Me! is a punk rock band formed in 1997 in Gainesville, Florida. Their first full-length album, released on No Idea Records in 2002, is Reinventing Axl Rose. They have previously released music on Misanthrope Records, Crasshole Records, Plan It X Records, Sabot Productions, No Idea Records, and Fat Wreck Chords. In December 2005, they signed with Sire Records, and released their major label debut, New Wave, on July 10, 2007. Their second album since signing to Sire Records, White Crosses, was released on June 4, 2010.

White Crosses—-With a huge drum intro and a guitar style that reminds me of many Jersey bands, the vocal is aggressive but pretty damn accessible. this is not your typical snotty nosed punk poseurs…this is straight forward energetic pop punk that has slight sounds of homage to the modern days Godfathers of the genre like Social Distortion. This has remarkable vocal harmonies and is accessible to even the most virgin of listeners. Exceptional!!!

I Was A Teenage Anarchist—-This is wonderful, a song that those of us who are older can still feel and remember the energy of the ire we felt coming up in the cold War era. when the song really kicks in, it still carries that East coast punk, freedom sound that just makes you smile. The guitars are aggressive and the band is at it’s best when all of these voices come together and deliver these huge chorus’. This is relevant, aggressive and accessible!!!

Because Of The Shame—-Listening to this band, you would never guess that they hailed from Florida. This has that huge Jersey sound that many bands aspire to. this is classic pop punk rock from a band that delivers an even better example of their relevance than they did on the last release. This is huge…the band works magnificently well together…the chorus’ are designed to inspire a mad mosh of frenzied delirium…and they deliver…track after track. Fantastic!!!

Suffocation—-The intro delivers a sound that makes me think of classic Lit….the vocal enters with a certain angst involved. The chorus smacks you in the face with probably one of the mist accessible tracks the band has ever produced. This band is at their best when it is a group effort…the result is always this huge gang vocal that makes my brain go wild. I love this release…powerful, poppy and delivered with enough attitude to make you smile for days.

We’re Breaking Up—-Slow to begin, the song finally begins with a rather lazy guitar and keyboard backdrop that allows you a moment to relax. The lyrics are so relatable that even I can find solace in them. The energy builds as the song continues and again, the entire band seems to join in one the chorus…giving it a nice big sound. This is remarkably good!

High Pressure Low—-Wow beginning with a bass line that sets the tone for the entire song, this is wonderfully energetic and allows the song to move at a fast pace. this is just wonderfully classic in sound…at times the vocal sounds as if it is from someone different altogether! The chorus is predictably huge…smashing against the sides of you skull with a fun almost pogo style delivery. This is fantastic!!!

Ache With Me—-Ok? This begins rather sedate and filled with a Petty/Springsteen style acoustic guitar that makes me again wonder where the hell these kids came from and what music they are listening to. The delivery is slow and lazy…the lyrics actually mean something and the delivery makes it all cement together in a masterful way. Not my favorite track, but this is great none the less.

Spanish Moss—-As the intro builds and builds and bounces off each headphone, you just know that this is going to be huge…and the band does not let you down. the song opens up and becomes this magna opus of energy and brilliant guitars that allow the punk element to stay intact. This is huge…the sound is so dense and layered that you back up the track to listen again…yes, it sounds even better the second time around. This is magnificent!!!

Rapid Decompression—-This is wonderfully aggressive without ever losing the pop sensibilities of the band. the guitars on this track are massive…the vocal is met with the offset band collective screaming back in unison…creating a huge aggressive delivery that the pistols could only dream about. this is New Millenium Punk that stands on its own all alone. A huge, but brief track that punches you right in the gut!!

Bamboo Bones—-For me, this is a bit of a mis-step. The song sounds uninspired and rather generic. the saving grace is the huge chorus that allows the whole band to be involved. the lead vocal is lackluster and sounds even dis interested…but when the song really comes together with the band as a whole, it rises above it and remains great!

Bonus Tracks:

One By One—-This is fantastic!!!! From the very onset of the song, the band is in full throttle and delivers that sharp crisp sound that again makes me think of classic SD or other bands of that time. The vocal is magnificent…shoving word after word into a sentence that seems so full it might burst. The band joins in one the chorus and it becomes this huge energetic track that drives my brain wild…this is fantastic!!!

Bob Dylan Dream—-Beginning rather sedate and with harmonica as you would expect from the song title, this really does not do a lot for me. I find nothing to compare it to…this falls incredibly flat for me and I have chosen to dismiss this as a fluke that can not be explained. This is lackluster filler that i try not to hold against these great bunch of guys! Although the fiddle in the latter part of the song is rather sweet!

Lehigh Acres—-With a nice intro that leans to the more aggressive side, the vocal enters and sounds like it was recorded in a big huge empty hall. There is a slight echo that sets me off…the band does not seem nearly as engaged and the magical harmonic hooks are missing…the bass chord that repeats through the song though….sweet!

Bitter Divisions—-This begins rather slow…the build up is half the fun though…when the song hits full throttle, you shake you head in amazement at the energy the band delivers time after time. This is huge fun…when the whole band joins in on the chorus, the result is a magnificent pop punk delivery that I can guarantee you I will reach for again and again and again…..

****3/4 out of 5

The Queers/Move Back Home [Re-Issue]

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Move Back Home is the 4th studio effort from Surf/Pop Punk band The Queers. Originally released in 1995 on Asian Man Records, the CD was re-issued in 2007 with new artwork and 4 tracks from the out of print EP Surf Goddess.

She’s A Cretin—-A nice mix between predictable Ramones and the more aggressive Social Distortion, the result is fun pogo inspired Punk rock that will please even the most sedate listener. The sense of melody and the ironic humor makes me wonder why this band is not huge!!!

Next Stop Rehab—-Joe Queer never fails to amaze me with the smirk on his face perfectly transferred to CD. The attitude and the energy makes me hungry for a live show that I barely contain myself. This is better than anything the new breed of ‘punk’ bands could even dream f coming up with. Energetic, melodic and hilarious!!! Masterful.

High School Psychopath—-Much more metallic, without losing the punk edge, the song is a nice energetic romp through rebellion and angst. The song reminds you of the best and worse days of high school when you had secret thoughts of revenge. The snarl of the vocal would only make Mike Ness smile with pride. Exceptional.

If You Only Had A Brain—-Straight forward melodic Surf Punk with a nice level of layered guitars and thunderous drums. The vocal has a slight whine that appeals to me and brings out a big smile. This is fantastic!

I Gotta Girlfriend—-Even more melodic and almost mainstream, the chorus of voices provide the group element and the sing-song chorus makes the song even more accessible. This is wonderfully displayed energetic music with just the right energy and attitude. Magnificent!!!

Hawaii—-This harkens back to the early Ramones sound that often hearkened back to the joyous Beach Boys sound. To me this all equals up to a big win-win. You have fun surf punk, melody and a fun attitude. This just makes you beg for summer to get here.

From Your Boy—-Continuing in the remarkable fashion of classic surf punk in three minutes or less, this song has a wonderful vocal intro that is so darn pleasant.  The pleasure continues as the song is a nice slower groove through the beach sound of classic sunny music. This is wonderful.

Definitely—-Full of energy, the song is a classic example of  The Queers strongpoints…great relatable lyrics…a huge sense of melody and harmonies and an energy that makes you feel alive. Home run!!!

Everything’s Going My Way—-Blasting at hyper speed, the song has lyrics that come at you so fast it is hard to keep up. The song is so energizing and makes me feel so good, this must go on the MP3 player for the first time in a while. This is wonderful!!! Feel good…for now!

Cut It Dude—-The guitars at the onset of this track are decidedly more aggressive…the vocal is almost predictable but surprisingly is not as forward as normal, giving the listener a break as the drums and guitars seem much more pronounced. The underlying guitar fuzz is awesome….great cymbals and heavy skins make this triumphant.

I Didn’t Get Invited To The Prom—-A huge energetic tale that is classic Ramones. The content is magnificent…a huge High School drama in three minutes. Great drums snarly vocals.

That Girl—-A nice healthy dose of aggressive guitars lead off the track and is soon joined by a snotty nose vocal that Billie Joe Armstrong wishes he had. This is so full of attitude and energy, you will remember it for a week after you hear it. Great! 

Peppermint Girl—-This is full of guitar distortion that literally creates a wall of sound. The vocal is typical and predictable, it is the dark fuzz around the outside of the song that is so magnificent. A really great example of the bands diversity and talent.

Surf Goddess—-Sounding a little less hi-fi, the song almost sounds like a live studio cut. The energy is nice, but the track lacks the polish that this band is so capable of producing on a shoe string budget. The song is fun and predictable, it just lacks a certain energy for me.

Mirage—-Heavy on drums and guitar, the song again sounds muted and too controlled. The energy is nice, but the gleam is absent. What is going on….this is good but ….

Get Over You—-With nice machine gun inspired guitars, the vocal comes on and is delivered with an incredible aggression and snotty attitude. This is a nice ‘fuck you’ to whomever just done you wrong. The sound is still lacking, but the attitude overrides the entire thing.

Quit Talking Start Walking—-With a larger guitar sound at the onset, the song quickly dissolves into a masterful punk inspired all and out energy fest. This is fun…fast …and overtly aggressive. Masterful…a great end to a fantastic reissue.

****1/2 out of 5

The Ramones/Rocket To Russia [Expanded Edition]

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Rocket To Russia is a release by American Rock Band The Ramones. Released in 1977, this was the last record recorded with drummer Tommy Ramone. Recorded for an incredibly low amount of money, compared to today’s standards, the total cost was $25,000 and contains a few of the band’s seminal hits.

Cretin Hop—-Exactly what you have come to expect from this band, the song combines an irresistable surf pop edge with an incredible energy. The guitars are wonderfully fuzzy and the vocal is just pure perfection. This is wonderful!!!

Rockaway Beach—-With a nice aggressive guitar intro, the song again combines that beach element with the pogo punk of the 70’s. The vocal is fantastic and the lyric is made of teenage rebellion and summer fun. This is classic….the song literally never grows old!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow—-With a much slower pace, the song actually allows the word ‘love’ to be uttered more than a dozen times!!! This is not what you would expect, but the song is a welcome change from the straight ahead Punk that you are accustomed to. This is excellent.

Locket Love—-More straight forward, the ‘love’ word is all over this song as well, but adds a nice bit of energy to go along with it. This is wonderfully poppy and not nearly as muddled as you would expect. I love this release!

I Don’t Care—-This track is much more in line with what the Ramones defined. The guitars are fuzzy and pushed to the back of the mix…the vocals are clear with a lower level vocal running underneath…$25,000 could get you a lot in the studio in 1977. This is classic…aggressive, dirty and energetic.

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker—-One of the best Ramones songs for me, the  ‘oh yeah’ reminds me so much of the early days of Generation X…the energy is almost fun, the guitars mixed so low there is almost a constant hum instead of pronounced chords and a surprising melody that makes you listen to this song a million times in your lifetime!!!

We’re A Happy Family—-Hilarious and almost condescending as we all know how dysfunctional The Ramones were as a band. This is remarkable…the guitars are clearer and more aggressive, the energy threatens to melt your speakers and the sing along chorus is fantastic. This is classic Ramones!!!

Teenage Lobotomy—-Yet another signature track from this seminal and important band, the song is once again full of energy and a subliminal aggression. The drums are really great on this track and the vocal is classic Joey….this is timeless!!!!

Do You Wanna Dance?—-This is a nice combination of the surfiest pop and the fuzziest guitars you could imagine….brought together and layered together, the band managed to create a masterpiece. This is wonderfully catchy and still has the distinctive sound of the band with a nice dose of melody to boot.

I Wanna Be Well—-With a bluesy delivery, the song has never been a favorite of mine but this remastered version sounds really excellent. This is classic, but a little slow for how I really prefer the band.

I Can’t Give You Anything—-Aggressive, fuzzy and full of Ramone attitude, this song brings me right back to where I need to be. The pogo inspired punk is so pleasant, it is hard to fathom that they created a revolution back in the day. I guess compared to some of the music out there today, this sounds pretty tame now. Still…you can not deny the genius of the style.

Ramona—-With much clearer guitars and a Beach Boys styled delivery, this is wonderful! The melody is overwhelming…although you never really lose the energy the band projects. This is pretty fantastic…one of my favorite tracks on this release!

Surfin’ Bird—-All of this surf punk that is delivered with such finesse is almost comical when you think about the constant attire of Denim and Leather that the band always sported. This track is really high energy and loaded with a subtle feedback. The vocal is so manic, it is almost indecipherable. Fantastic none the less.

Why Is It Always This Way?—-Continuing and keeping the original energy of the band, the song returns to the surf feel the band always projected so well. The drums are really upfront in this song and will not leave your forehead. This is a great closer.

Bonus Tracks:

Needles & Pins—-This is a huge and wonderful surprise as you are instantly transported back to the days of 50’s dances and pastel tuxedos. The delivery if fantastic…only proving that these guys were some pretty talented musicians in their own right.

Slug [Demo]—-This is rough, raw and The Ramones at their very finest. For a demo version, it almost sounds live in a roomful of people. This is energetic, fast and fuzzy with the vocal amazingly clear. This is great…even the tambourine!!!

It’s A Long Way Back To Germany [U.S. B-Side]—-With the classic Punk Rock ‘countoff’ the song begins in a nice energetic manner. I love this…and am surprised that it was only a B-side….this is classic Ramones, although the vocal sounds  little off.

I Don’t Care [Single Version]—-This version sounds no different to me than the original so I’m wondering…whatever! The song is great and twice in an hour is even better. Nice.

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker [Single Version]—-Again…what is the point…none the less, I love this track and will admit that this ‘version’ sounds a bit clearer to me than the early version. This is a great fun song and a wonderful way to revisit the early days of grimy punk rock in NYC circa 1977.

****1/2 out of 5