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Cannibal Corpse / Eaten Back To Life

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Eaten Back to Life

Eaten Back to Life is the debut album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse.[1] It was released on 17 August 1990 through Metal Blade Records. The album was banned in Germany (censored versions were not available,[2] but the ban was revoked in June 2006) and other countries because of the violent cover and the extreme nature of the lyrics.[citation needed] Glen Benton of Deicide and Francis H. Howard of Opprobrium (then known as Incubus) perform back-up vocals on “Mangled” and “A Skull Full of Maggots”.

The following statement can be found in the inlay of this album: “This album is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Packer, the first American cannibal (R.I.P.)”

This album has stronger influences of thrash metal than their future releases, as well as a slightly varied vocal style. Their trademark style wasn’t present until their following release Butchered at Birth.

The Analysis:

Shredded Humans—-right out of the gate, there is a classic sound to this release that allows the die-hard fan to know whom they are listening to. The vocal is not quite as deep and the guitar squeals are not as present………in fact…you can actually catch a word or two on this debut release. There are nice bass related downshifts……the band is discovering it’s way…this is fantastic…the very beginning!!!!!

Edible Autopsy—-With a much more thrash oriented feel, this almost makes me think of classic Testament…although it is a bit more chaotic. The vocal is so much more accessible on this debut release….and the future is clearly laid out in the sound of this release….it really gives you a feel as to where the band is going. the production is full of tin…..but they all start there right? The intent is so very clear though….the promise of the future is in cement with this release…this is a collectors dream!!!!!!

Put To Death—-Coming out of a split second of silence and building and building in intensity, this is a remarkable track. This is almost classic CC…the vocals are raw and rampaging………the energy is extraordinary…the only difference is the literal so-so version of the music that is presented……but it evolves!!!!!!

Mangled—-The song title matches the intensity of the song perfectly……this is relentless and is the future sound of the band. It is almost impossible to catch even a single word of the song…it comes at you like an Afghan bullet brigade….but the intent and feeling is clear…this is was new and shocking….this was the future for every band that came after in the Florida scene…….and there is none other more known than CC!!!!!

Scattered Remains—-Much more drudge driven at the onset, the drums are incredible on this track…in fact the entire rhythm section is awesome…..the vocal enters and transforms the entire track into mayhem….but the music never looses the focus…this is so much more thrash driven than later releases…….incredible history right here!!!!

Born In A Casket—-Full of mangled guitars and an intense thrash delivery, this track is one of my favorite on this release……there are huge chord changes and musical shifts that really got me…I listen to this over and over. The vocal is as expected……but it is the music that is so powerful on this song….the shift changes only gives us a glimpse of the future,….this is incredible!!!!

Rotting Head—-From the onset, this is much more Metal than Death…….until the vocal….the voice is huge on this track……there is barely a word you can catch….but the intensity is evident. I love the downshift in the music and the super talent it takes to speed up…slow down…almost stop and allow for the bass,……this is incredible……..from the onset, this band was a legend!!!!

The Undead Will Feast—-Nothing remarkable…….deveastating and unrelenting… you would expect….the vocal is almost barking punk rock…..would love to hear the band do this circa 2012!!!!!!

Bloody Chunks—-The growl at the onset of this song sets the entire freakin tone….this is so fast and convoluted…you never catch a drift od lyrics…all you get is energy……..wanting to throw yourself in the pit and celebrate the embrace of pure Grind…..

Skull Full Of Maggots—-At the onset, this almost feels like ther are two sets of drums playing at the same time……the trademark guitar squeals make their entrance here…..and the double vocal is incredible….thanks Mr. Benton…no one does is better…..there are incredible down shifts in the song that are key to the delivery……still one of my faves on this release.

Buried In The Backyard—-An EXTRAORDINARY Instrumental!!!!

Born In A Casket—-And indeed, George revisits this classic in a live setting….adding a brutality and range you never thought possible…….the live insertion of this is just brilliant. This man knows this catalog…..and the drums on this track…live……are incredible!!!!!

**** out of 5







Cannibal Corpse / Live Cannibalism

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Live CannibalismLive Cannibalism is a live album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, released in 2000 through Metal Blade Records. It was also released as a DVD.Most of the album was recorded live at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI on February 16, 2000. Tracks 3, 5, 6, 12 & 15 were recorded the day prior (February 15, 2000) at The Emerson Theater in Indianapolis.

The Analysis:

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead—-The intro to a live release is always the best…you can feel the energy surge through the crowd…this is no exception. as the show gets underway, i am rather surprised with the slow progression of the track…..but once the stellar vocal arrives…I am at home and comfortable. I would imagine it is very difficult to capture a band like this live… is as good as the recorded version…even if the music is a bit muted at times!

Blowtorch Slaughter—-With less than a second of respite, the band finally launches into full-blown mayhem. The music is much more upfront on this track…as well as allowing room for the vocal…this is brutal…played with precision and amazing in energy!

Stripped, Raped And Strangled—-The energy on this track is amazing…the lyrics and ideas almost comical…but that is CC…a more brutal Gwar for the under covers!!!! There is no break between songs…almost hard to even know this is a live release…the production is stellar. The deep bass of the song really sounds studio worthy….and George just rips his guts out singing this shit….amazing!

I Cum Blood—-a perennial live favorite, it is hard to imagine the band could ever leave this out of the live show…EVER!!!! This is one track you hear clear crowd support…incredibly delivered and sounding almost like a master recording….I’m still impresses with the quality of this recording….always a favorite of mine!!!!

Covered With Sores—-As George eggs on the crowd, the band launches into a lesser known track that is deeper in sound and filled with a nice bass driven dirge. The track….I’m sure is designed to give the band a chance to catch up from the opening mayhem…even george sings a bit more relaxed until mid track where hell is right back in place….incredible!!!!

Fucked With A Knife—-Obviously a huge crowd favorite, you can hear the commotion occurring in the background. This track is ultra fast and ultra violent….you have to love the energy…the aggression and the way the crowd reacts to a favorite demented track!

Unleashing The Bloodthirsty—-George delivers line after line that is full of incredible energy…..damn…doesn’t this guy ever get worn out? This is amazing….full on thrash/deathcore that is unrelenting. the deep sound the band produces is amazing…I love this song……not really a well-known track…but really growing on me…..

Dead Human Collection——This is so amazingly fast and full od those guitar squeals I love so much from this band….I get so excited listening to this release…the qualioty is almost like you are right there in the arena…..this is an amazing release to me…the production is TOP-NOTCH… can even catch more words live than on the recorded versions…..

Gallery Of Suicide—-One of the bands best known ‘singles’, this is much more dirge driven and a personal favorite. I love the deep feel of the song…this IS deathcore!!!!! The live version is done as well as any recorded version you can find…and leaves me pissed as hell I did not catch this tour….George is incredible…and the drums and bass are massive!!!! Did I mention there is some great melody on this track?

Meat Hook Sodomy—-Another classic track that is filled with Mayhem and Aggression…the guitar breaks on this track are just incredible. George delivers a classic live vocal that is almost better than the studio version. This is pretty incredible…the puke and putrid feel of the song transports to live performance without even trying!!!!

Perverse Suffering—-From one of my favorite releases from this band, this track is sheer brutality!!!!! There is no room to catch your breath…you can tell the band has had time to warm up as the pace is electric and the delivery is maddening. This is an incredible live version of one of my favorites….Death/Thrash very best!!!!

The Spline Splitter—-This has a different feel and t=you can tell it was recorded elsewhere…the sound is much more muted and disconnected…this is a favorite track of mine…but this live version falls a bit flat…the only saving grace is the lightening speed which it is played!

Gutted—-I love this track because of the great rhythm section at the onset…the song quickly dissolves into mayhem…but the melodic content always plays in the backdrop. the vocal is as you have come to expect…but the instrumentation….is brilliant…magnificent~!!!!!

I Will Kill You—-Again, this has a different tone…but the energy is incredible. George can sing from his guy like no other Death Metal singer ever…..this is brilliant…one of my favorite tracks on this live release….just for the intensity and vocal style!!!!

Devoured By Vermin—-Another of those classic CC releases, this transposes live as well as it does on the recorded version. The vocal is remarkable……full of speed….distasyte and putrid hate…..Damn…I love this that healthy?

Disposal Of The Body—-Aggressive….brutal and so fast you can not catch your breath…..can there be anymore comments made?????

A Skull Full Of Maggots—-Rounding out this epic show with two classics, this is a song that the band has played for years without falter. The sound on this mix is a bit full of tin…but the vocal is great…even though even it seems removed. This is nice but leaves me wanting the recorded version…..

Hammer Smashed Face—–Of course, saving one of the best for last, it is too bad the production was not as well executed as on the previous tracks…this is a fantastic track…and the guitar squeals just make me smile for days….I love this brutal shit…….Damn!!!!

**** out of 5

Testament / Practice What You Preach

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Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach is the third album by thrash metal band Testament, released in 1989 (see 1989 in music). The album’s lyrical themes are more about politics and society than the occult themes of the band’s previous two albums. The title track of this album was a moderate mainstream rock hit, which featured a music video that gained substantial MTV airplay, as did “The Ballad”. Practice What You Preach reached #77 on the American music charts. The album was recorded live[1] at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA[1], but is considered a studio album nonetheless.

The Analysis:

Practice What You Preach—-Let me begin by saying that I consider this release to be one of the most important albums released in the whole of the late 1980’s. This release took melodic thrash to a whole new level…this song is a prime example. The bass of the song is overwhelming, but there is a vocal melody that was groundbreaking. Even though it seems like the vocal is pushed way to the back of the mix, it works incredibly well here. This song…for me, at least, is a masterpiece of the late 80’s era.

Perilous Nation—-Beginning with that fantastic, trademark Testament bass line, the intensity just seems to build and build. The drums on this song are stellar…the deep sound of the track as ominous as the lyrics. This is aggressive but probably the most accessible testament ever. Chuck almost mimics an early Vince Neil on this track!!! When you factor in the old, but incredibly prevalent lyrics…you shake your head and ask why this was not a million copy seller!!!

Envy Life—-Much more steeped in a Heavy Metal sound…until that growl rattles across your speakers. The vocal clears into that pure 80’s style…but the lyrics make you sit up and pay attention. The sound and delivery of the song reminds you of anything even remotely fantastic that Metallica did in the early days…this could have very well been an early track of theirs. This is Thrash Metal at it’s very best. Stellar!!!

Time Is Coming—-This has a fantastic instrumental delivery…the sound is so layered yet remarkably fluid. The energy is almost undeniable…when the vocal enters, you are again delivered a classic Testament track. This has a melody and damn catchy chorus that still has me coming back after 21 years later and still smiling…let the music and the words speak for themselves!!!

Blessed In Contempt—-Layered and delivered with an intense bass from the very beginning, the introduction of a much more forward drum track delivers this song at a blistering pace. The leads are much more apparent and the vocal is brilliant. Delivered in a way that is both manic and understandable, this is one of the most accessible Thrash tracks I have ever heard…this is stellar and stands the test of time incredibly well.

Greenhouse Effect—-Thus begins a trilogy of songs that to me where some of the most important from this time period and genre. The music is aggressive as hell, but maintains a melody that will stick in your brain…well, for 20 some years. The vocals are stellar and accessible and the lyrics are a relevant today as they were the moment they were penned. This is stellar, prophetic and damn accessible…listen and learn……! THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!

Sins Of Omission—-For me, one of the most accessible tracks on this release. The music begins rather sedate, but opens up and becomes all encompaasing…delivering line after line of deep bass that will chill you. The vocal is freakin’amazing…the lyrics as important as now as they were then. The band creates a damn melodic Thrash masterpiece that I have listened to 1000’s of time since it’s inception. This is fantastic…not to be missed…and forever to be appreciated!!!

The Ballad—-This proved to be a rather positive and popular song for the band. The band even managed to make a video for this song…which for a Thrash band was pretty phenomena in 1989….see video on my Facebook page [Mark J. Maras]. this is damn pleasant and rather accessible from the onset…carrying all the hallmarks of the late 80’s Metal scene. to many, this would appear to be a sellout…to me, it is just damn good music…say what you will.

Nightmare [Coming Back To You]—-Coming out of the gate at you at about a moderate 100 miles per hour, the intensity that the band delivers this song is incredible. I still wonder why this was not the band that Metallica was…the melody is even better, the practice is perfect and the delivery is 100% dedication….to me, this was a band that was ripped off.

Confusion Fusion [Instrumental]—-This song, although to some may be wasted space, only proves to  me the melodic components of the band that go way beyond the vocal. The Bass section of this band is incredibly stellar. There is no more melody produced in a band than right here…this is accessible, memorable and mindful of how great a band this really is!!!

****1/2 out of 5

Metal For The Masses [Vol. 4] / Various [2 Disc Set]

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Continuing the highly successful Metal For The Masses series, the Century Family unseals Metal For The Masses Volume Four, once again,exclusive to Hot Topic locations nationwide. The 2-disc compilation contains 40 tracks totaling over 2 hours of music. The artwork for Volume Four incorporates the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to stunning effect and also depicts the album art for each featured artist within as well as additional artist and album information. Volume Four comes housed in a deluxe double Digipak and is available now at all Hot Topic locations nationwide.

The Analysis: Disc One

The End Of The World [God Forbid]—-Coming out of your speakers at hyper speed, this is fine Metal delivered with blistering intensity. For me, the vocal is a bit generic, although this has never been a very favorite band of mine. What is stellar is the instrumentation and the vocal melody. This has some pretty great drums, an incredible bass line and some clean vocals that provide all of the melody you need.

Weathered Soul [Manntis]—-I like this…I have not listened to this comp in quite sometime…it is almost like everything is brand new to me again! This has a great crunch to the music..the vocal is brutal and at the onset reminds me of early Fear Factory. This has a great melody line…the leads are huge as are the drums. This is a band I need to investigate…if you see this release in a bargain bin, pick it up!

These Days [Diecast]—-This comes roaring out at you from a darkness that literally breathes aggression. I love the double bass sound and the way that the vocal magically switches from growl to clean vocal. the song is laden in emotion and leans very heavy on the Nu-Metal doorstep. This is nice!

Days Are Numbered [Brand New Sin]—-Just freakin brilliant….if you are in the mood for nice stoner rock, this is the band that will satisfy you every time. The sound of the band is recorded in a retro way that allows you to think it is much older than it actually is. The chorus enters this track and makes you think of the big 80’s style verses that used to blast from speakers everywhere. This has a nice taste of the dirty South…nice!

Without A Trace [Agents Of Man]—-Beginning with a soft acoustic sound, the song comes out at you with a nice aggression that is delivered with some almost punk style vocal…they slowly disappear and allow for a clean melodic voice. I have listened to this a number of times…I just can’t wrap my heart around this.

Enlightened By The Cold [Shadows Fall]—-One of my more favorite bands, this proves to me that Heavy Metal is alive and well in this century. This borders on the edge of every musical genre in the Metal Community you could imagine…thus appealing to the teenagers, emos and crusty guys like me. This has a nice brutality, a great lead line, incredible drums and a killer vocal.

Nemesis [Arch Enemy]—-Long a favorite band of mine, I wish they would hurry up with a new release already. Angela can sing like no man ever dreamed of…the brutality and force of the vocal literally shakes you to your bones…the band that is behind the voice is loaded with even more brutality than the double edge tongue that Angela delivers. This is heaven for me…I never get tired of listening to these songs. Just brilliant!!!

No Compromise [The Haunted]—-Taking a bit to really get started, this is another of those bands that have never really found a place in my heart. I love this song, but a release full of material sounding like this was a bit hard for me to find. The brief glimpses of brilliance do not make a stellar band. The standout for me is the very upfront in your face drums!!!

Slaves Shall Serve [Behemoth]—-The mighty Behemoth!!!! One of my personal favorite bands and one that in my book has never made a misstep. This band has always stayed true to its vision and intent…delivering a blistering and aggressive brand of Black Metal that will leave your brain echoing inside of itself. This is masterful…intense and brutal as you know what. The kings…hold on guys…..

Enslaved And Condemned [Old Man’s Child]—-This is another of those brilliant bands that are incapable of making a bad record. Resplendent with that cold European Black Metal sound, slight but magnificent symphonic sounds and a vocal that rattles your bones, this is a band that is very dear to my heart. I love this stuff…I could listen to this all day!!!

Perpetual Horrors [Naglfar]—-Man…..I need to find out some more stuff about this band. I love the vocal…this is very primitive Dimmu…the overt symphonic sound is incredible and the sound, even though a bit primitive, shows huge promise. I love this stuff…the drums..even though pushed to the back of the mix, really shine. This is incrredible….why have I not heard more from this band?

Possessions [Strapping Young Lad]—-Devin Townsend delivers a track that really borders on Industrial Metal. This is not to say that this is bad, but the change between genres on this compilation is a bit abrupt. I like Townsend and his many incarnations…but not enough to really start collecting it. this is acceptale….but far from stellar.

The Psalm Of Lydia [Nevermore]—-Nevermore is one of those long-term outfits that you either love or dismiss. This is a pretty great song…the power chords that the band deliver are pretty impressive. I love the high and accentuated leads from the production. I could do without the overblown Power Metal vocal though…it just does not fit in to well with the music for me. This is not to say that this is bad, it just sounds like this is a band, that after all of these years, is still struggling for an identity.

It All Dies Today [Eyes Of Fire]—-I’m really not to familiar with this band….the sound is a bit underproduced and removed…never really reaching your speakers with the intensity that you think it deserves. There is so much going on in the backdrop of the song, that you lose much of the vocal because of the lack of clarity and production. Too bad…I think this is a pretty great melodic Metal track.

Splintered Visions [Into Eternity]—-Well, right from the onset this reeks of progressive genius. The chords that are released from the lead and the bass alike just captures and hypnotised me. The vocal is stellar…I love this stuff. This is like the perfect mix of 80’s hair metal progression with 00’s brutality and grunts. I love this…you will not hear one single complaint form me…sometimes I’m so slow when it comes to some of this stuff…where the hell have I been living…under a rock?

The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness [Cryptopsy]—-Right off, this is a surprise for me…not really familiar with this band, i was listening with preconceived notions based on the name alone. The song starts off rather sedate and accessible…but the brutality grows and grows until you are planted deep in a nice mix of Black Metal, Grind and Progressive chords and lyrics. This gives you a nice taste of all of them…magnificent!

Bastard Son [Watch Them Fall]—-This is another of those bands that combine a nice retro sound with more progressive elements of Thrash and Death Metal. I love the voice on this guy…the energy that the band manages to produce is pretty incredible…Tthe drums are freakin magnificent. When the whole band joins in on the vocal, you are whipped into a frenzy from the energy of the music alone. This has nice Maiden style guitar galloping that makes you comfortable…only the vocal reminds you this is not your brother’s favorite band!!!

Silence Is Deafening [Napalm Death]—-Have no doubts, this long-term band is alive and well…and still thrashing the hell out of your brain. This is so layered with instruments, that the distorted delivery seems appropriate and like nothing else you would get from any other band. These guys are some of the kings of the genre, and they still deliver enough brutality and energy to make you say…..OH SHIT!!!

The Sunset Will Never Charm Us [Despised Icon]—-This is very noisy….the vocal is extreme and somewhat comforting, but the music seems to lack a clear direction and ends up all over the place. This is like rudimentary Thrash that still needs time to mature.

Harnessing Ruin [Immolation]—-Another of those bands that really hold a special place in my heart. This is as aggressive as two fists right in the fucking face…and delivered with enough power to send you reeling back for two blocks. This track is delivered at a much deeper recording level than the newer material…the bass and the deep tone of the vocal almost blocks out everything else…this is not the more polished 2009 Immoliation….none the less, the brutality and the venom is well intact. This brings a huge smile to my face!

Disc Two:

Alt Lys Er Sunnet Hen [Dimmu Borgir]—-Anyone who has read my blog entries for any amount of time knows that I have a huge love affair with this band. There is seldom that has ever been a misstep in my book and this song is just another crown jewel in the evolution of the band. shagrath sounds literally possessed…the foreign language delivery makes it even more menacing and the keyboard orchestration allows this track to be HUGE!!!

Nerve [Soilwork]—-Although I have never really been int  this band too much, this song may make me rethink my choice. I like the far away slight orchestration sounds of the band…the vocal smacks you right upside the head and the slower interludes gives the song a huge substance. This is fantastic…I love this.

Like You Better Dead [In Flames]—- Aggressive leads set the song off to a great start. the drums are pretty far up in the front of the mix. The vocal enters and I find my enthusiasm deflate…this really does not impress me.

Shed [Meshuggah]—-Just freakin’ aggression!!!! Right from the onset, your head almost explodes…the scream slows to allow the guitar to settle in a bit and the bass line to capture a permanent place in your soul. The vocal returns…in a deep and menacing tone…leaving me with goosebumps. This is stellar…the density and depth of the song is incredible…the cross over appeal is magnificent. This one is a keeper!

Kill Tank [Bleed The Sky]—-Right out of the gate, this sits in the pit of my stomach and brings a smile to my face. there is just enough melody and substance to this mayhem to really appeal to many Metal and Punk fans as well. This is really a stellar track…when the clean vocal hits, you are wondering if you are listening to a more aggressive Fear Factory….brilliant!

Secondary Effects [Darkane]—-This is brilliant…a nice mic of aggressive Thrash and layered with elements of Death, the vocal comes through and shows the true roots of the band…settled deep in the Exodus style of thrash Metal with a bit of an updated sound. this is aggressive, but incredibly accessible and listenable. I love this stuff!!!

Door 2.12 [Mnemic]—-Wow, I really did not expect to like this, based on past listening experiences. This from the very first notes reminds me of classic Testament. I love this stuff…there is a remarkable melody, a nice aggression…all delivered with a sound that is damn accessible…this is stellar!

Scrutinized [Hypocrisy]—-This is another of those bands that are hard pressed to do anything bad in my book! I love the aggression of this band and I love the dedication to delivery pure and brutal Death Metal that shines above all the rest. This has great crunching guitars…the drums are intense and the vocal will leave you wringing your hands because of the sheer intensity. Just what I needed today…remarkable!!!

Now Thy Death Day Come [Exodus]—-The God-Fathers of modern Day Thrash are still alive and kicking….your ass!!! The sound has seldom deviated from the beginning…the production rarely gets better, but you ALWAYS know what to expect from an Exodus recording. This is predictable and as freakin’ fantastic as ever!!!

Tree Of Life And Death [Cathedral]—-This is intense as fuck from the very onset. the music is delivered in a huge mess, but somehow it magically seems to make sense. The vocal is delivered in that early day Thrash manner that makes me think of the very beginning days of Slayer. This is loaded with intelligent and frightening lyrics…but never loses any of its demented feel despite them. This is a band that had a direction and is still headed in it!!!

Sundown [Fireball Ministry]—-This comes across as hollow to me and incredibly misplaced on this compilation. This is much more Pop/Rock with a vocal that rivals Ozzy. To me, this is a waste of space…there could have been such better material put in its place.

Lightbringer/Demo [Nebula]—-This is raw and rude…just as Metal was meant to be. There is nothing polished or professed about this demo track. The metal quotient is a bit hollow for me, but it would be interesting to hear the fully polished finished track. In this state, it just blends in too well with hundreds of other average bands.

Everything’s On T.V. [The Hellicopters]—-Wow, to me this is just slop! This is a quasi-UFO sound-alike band that is delivering sounds that have been re-hashed and re-re-hashed. This is just a waste…this is not Metal!!!

Goin’ Down [The Illuminati]—-Ugh…..oh lord!!! This is quasi Metal that is so steeped in Blues that I can’t even begin to like this….next…PLEASE!!!

Three Sheets To The Wind [The Black Halos]—-The track begins with a huge intro, the drums enter and seem to take control of the entire direction of the song. the downfall enters when the vocal does. This sounds like a cheap and BAD ACCEPT impression…please…why do bands make music that they think will be successful riding on what has already been done before….I’m so over this!

Love Me Electric [Crash Kelly]—-Well, it would seem obvious to me that the last 1/4 of this compilation is steeped in some Blues bullshit that has nothing to do with Metal. This is crossover Pop/Metal crap that makes me want to throw this against the wall.

Gimme Some Lip [The Thieves]—-Oh For God’s Sakes……….

The Day Of Neverending/Demo [Scott Reeder]—-This is nice, with an alluring Alternative Metal sound that makes me think of bands like Alice In Chains. This has some nice powerful guitar leads and a drum track that although moved to the back still shines through. The production of this ‘demo’ track is pretty damn awesome.

Things Are Looking Up [American Heartbreak]—-Lord….even more blues influenced sad excuses for Metal….this is not Metal people…this is pop/rock that does not belong on this compilation next to bands like Dimmu or Immolation. This is embarrassing!

Brand New Hate [Backyard Babies]—-This is much more Post-Punk metal than Heavy Metal….although it is much better than most of the slop on the last part of this compilation. Still, this deviates from so much of the material on this release that you wonder if you will ever invest in another one of these again!!!

*** out of 5

Absence / Enemy Unbound

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Enemy Unbound

The Absence is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida. Their style has been described as aggressive thrash metal with Scandinavian metal influences.[1] They are currently signed to Metal Blade Records. The band released an eponymous EP in 2004 and followed up with their debut album, From Your Grave, in 2005. The band’s second album, Riders of the Plague, was released in 2007. The album was praised in a review for finding an “interesting balance” between the genres death metal and thrash metal.[2] The band is also notable for its highly technical lead work between its two guitarists. In 2007, bassist Micheal Leon joined the band. Drummer Jeramie Kling left the band that same year and was temporarily replaced by another drummer from the Tampa death metal scene, Chris Pistillo. The band recruited Justin Reynolds as their new drummer in early 2008.

The Absence stated in late 2008 they would be entering the studio to record a new studio effort in March of ’09. Due to time constraints and touring duties, the band said they would enter the studio on September 10 since the original date “wasn’t the right time.” However the band delayed studio entrance time once again and recently stated that they entered Mana recording studios on November 2, 2009 to record Enemy Unbound, their third studio album. Enemy Unbound is scheduled for a September 14, 2010 release. On September 27, 2010 The Absence release the music video ‘Enemy Unbound’ from their 2010 album Enemy Unbound.

The Analysis:

Vertigo—-This introduction leads you to believe that you are about to be treated to a nice mainstream melodic Metal record….don’t be led astray because you are soon smacked right in the forehead with…

Erased—-Led off by the trademark blistering twin guitars that the band is known for, the vocal follows shortly after and is delivered with a classic evilness that reminds you of classic bands like Exodus and Testament. This is a huge song…the bass guitar is incredible…the drums are in your face but still seem to be the weakest part of the band’s repertoire. All in all, this picks up where the last record left off and finds the band just where they should be.

Deepest Wound—-This is just incredible…layered with huge bass sounds but nice electricity at the same time, this really makes me think of classic Testament….making me want to grab Practice What You Preach for a quick listen. The vocal  has a bit more menace, but overall the music is a perfect throwback sound to the glory days of when I was first discovering the Thrash movement. When the leads are given a spotlight, the song develops such great melody. I love this stuff!!!

Maelstrom—-Delivering more predictable but fantastic instrumentation, this release will not let you down if you are a fan of dark Thrash. This has a spectacular vocal…I’m amazed by the melody that the band manages to hold on to while still delivering a ferocious attack on the senses. This is a new favorite band…the chorus is this huge…dare I say…infectious affair that will have you returning again and again!!!

Enemy Unbound—-The title track to this release is perhaps my favorite track on this release. This is huge…delivered with a masterful lead guitar intro and peppered with remarkable bass guitar. the vocal is stellar…exciting me more and more with every single word that is uttered…this is an aural assault that leaves you satisfied in every sense of the word. I think my only complaint with this release is that the vocal does seem to be moved to the back of the band a bit. This sounds so much like Arch Enemy!!!

Solace—-Nice…right from the onset, you know that this is going to be epic…and you will not be disappointed. This is huge, dark and delivered with a remarkable melody line that will plant in your brain and grow exponentially with every listen. I could not love a band more right now…who gives a fuck if I am the only Gay metalhead on the face of the planet…I rock hard and I rock RIGHT!

The Bridge—-The drums sound so much better on this track…perhaps the best thus far! This is again a track that really reminds me of Arch Enemy…and I thought that sound was unique to them alone…oops! This is fantastic…I only wish that the vocal was louder and more in your face…none the less, this is delivered with masterful aggression and pure melody…quickly becoming a favorite release of mine…of all time!!!

Wartorn—-Delivered with machine gun accuracy, the lead guitars enter and form the entire basis for the song in the first thirty seconds…the melodic component of this band is undeniable. This is delicious aggression delivered with a nice overdose of brutality and a surprising vocal that you can really grab a hold of…even without the lyric sheet. I am so impressed with this release….highly recommended.

Hidden In White—-This begins rather slow…intermixed with disturbing soundbites that set the tone for this incredible release. The drums smack you in the face and the twin lead guitars manage to form the basis for the entire song. This is a masterful track…almost bordering at times on progressive Metal. Once the vocal enters the fray, you wipe all of that from your though process and give into the aggression. This is fantastic…I hate to keep making the Arch Enemy reference…but geez!!!!

Vengeance And Victory—-Yet another surprise as the song enters with a pleasant and pleasing acoustic guitar delivery…that is suddenly shattered by the aggressive bass and drums. The vocal soon follows and reminds you that you are listening to one of the most important up and coming Thrash bands of our time…I have huge, high hopes for this band….giving Florida a whole new name. This is a fantastic track…the guitar squeals that show up from time to time make you realize this is real stuff…the vocal eats at your brain and the pace of the song invigorates you and makes you feel like a new person….because music matters!!!

Triumph—-I feel huge sadness that this release is coming to an end…secretly wishing that it was about 100 tracks longer. The song begins with a nice guitar sound that is full of teasing from the bass line…when the track finally opens up into a full on assault, you look to make sure that this is the final track. the lead guitars literally soar above the aggression…making your blood boil and allowing you to feel more alive than you have in days. This is a brilliant display of talent and masterful instrumentation. Clocking in at almost 12 minutes in length, you are taken through huge riffs and then complete silence  for about 8 minutes…then a nice acoustic guitar….this is bizarre, but unique and admirable….wow!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]

Exodus / Exhibit B: The Human Condition

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Exhibit B: The Human ConditionExhibit B: The Human Condition is the ninth studio album by thrash metal band Exodus. The album picks up after The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit A, continuing with long, epic songs (averaging around 6 minutes) with darker themes centered around war, death, society, politics and religion. It was released on 7 May 2010 in Europe and was released on 18 May 2010 in the United States. It debuted at number 114 on the Billboard 200 and is the first Exodus album to chart since Force of Habit in 1992.

The Analysis:

The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles—-Beginning in a surprisingly acoustic manner, you can feel something happening around the edges of the song…and you are soon rewarded with that intense Exodus sound. This is even fuller and more developed than anything on exhibit A…the force of the music almost knocks me back in my chair. The deep bass sound of the band begins the song in a proper way and the speed and dexterity of the band is on full display. The vocal is a bit rough…sounding like this could have been a live take…with no room or time for studio manipulaltion…the result is nothing less than incredible…this is fantastic!

Beyond The Pale—-No time for interludes or pretense, this song begins on the first note and delivers an unceasingly brutal attack around your ears and brain. The gang style vocals on many of the songs on this release really reminds me that these guys are right up there with Testament…I hate to keep making comparisons, but these two bands are almost one and the same. This is brilliant…brutal, aggressive with lyrics that actually make you think and ponder…who could ask for more?

Hammer And Life—-From the onset, this track has a melody that runs through the underbelly of the whole damn thing that automatically clicks in my brain and finds a place to live for a while. This is classic thrash style Metal….bringing you to the edge of your seat with a slight agitation and anxiety, but warming you with the melody that allows you to enjoy the guitar attack. The drums on this are phenomenal…they never let up for a second and the leads take the song to incredible heights…this is still a band to be reckoned with.

Class Dismissed [A Hate Primer]—-Although this is full of nice aggression and energy, the song falls into that abyss of everything sounds like everything else. I love the intensity and the vocal…where you can actually catch almost every word…but this sounds to much like the last song…that sounded like the last song. Still, this is classic stuff.

Downfall—-Delivering an incredibly melodic lead line to set off the pace of the song, the guitar attack comes at you with an incredibly dedicated pace that sounds so damn much like Testament I wonder what the hell. Only the vocal set things off a bit more differently for me. When the whole band joins in the song with little shouts and exclamations does the song truly become its own. This is incredibly aggressive, but brilliantly melodic. this is incredible!!!!!

March Of The Sycophants—-Brilliant drums serve as the introduction to this track that rapidly tears the skin right off of your face. This is aggressive and wonderfully deep in sound…far exceeding the first Exhibit CD. This is delivered with a nice sense of melody and a remarkable clear vocal that allows you to really fall into the groove of the song. This is incredible!!!

Nanking—-Beginning rather aggressive, the song takes a sudden turn and features some slight clear acoustic guitar as the bass elements of the band builds it self up around it. This is nice…the pace is funeral at the onset, slowly building up speed and becoming something that you really never expected. This is slayer in sund…you wonder who the hell is singing! this is political and ranting in nature…just what we need in this time and age….this is what music is supposed to be for. Thanks guys!!!

Burn, Hollywood, Burn—-Leaving you no time to prepare, this is right out of the gate classic aggressive exodus. This release far exceeds Exhibit A….this is brutal, aggressive and full of biting vocal commentary on the state of the world we live in today. This is a lesson set to the most aggressive music you can imagine…sit up and take notice people!!!

Democide—-Again, beginning rather sedate but with the promise of the oncoming onslaught…the drums lead the song to become something rather fantastic. This is nice…full of a melodic guitar delivery and some rather phenomenal bass playing this is masterful. This is full of a melody that matches the vocal delivery in a remarkable way…you catch almost every word of the lyric as it is delivered…this is music that means something…delivered with many underlying messagres….you just have to make yourself available to listen!

The Sun Is My Destroyer—-With little pretense or time to catch your breath, this comes at you with that remarkable Exodus deepness that is driven by guitar and drums and takes over your entire being. The drums pick up and are delivered at such a pace that you begin to question you ability to hang in for the entire thing. The vocal is much deeper and delivered with an urgency that makes you shake you head a few times to clear the cobwebs…this is driving and message ridden…mneant to tell you something…you better listen damn it!

A Perpetual State Of Indifference/Good Riddance—-Delivering a nice sedate lead guitar with a combined drum and bass delivery that keeps he whole song rather aggressive, this is a bit of a surprise for me. This is melodic and brutal at the same time…allowing your brain time to wraps itself around all of the different chords before the song becomes too heavy. When the whole damn thing finally blows up in your face, you are in for a ride…so put on the seat belts…this is a nice throwback to early 80’s thrash…where the vocals are so damn fast you catch every 4th word…just proving that these guys have lost none of their purity or obsession for the genre….my favorite track on this release.

****3/4 out of 5

Exodus / The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A

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The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A

The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit A is the eighth studio album by thrash metal band Exodus, released on October 23, 2007. This is the second album featuring Rob Dukes on vocals, but it also marks the second comeback of longtime original Exodus drummer Tom Hunting. Hunting’s last appearance was on Exodus’s 2004 album Tempo of the Damned. This also is the second Exodus album to feature Lee Altus on guitars.

The name of the album is the same as a planned album that was to be released by the Los Angeles thrash metal outfit Dark Angel in 1992.

Guitarist Gary Holt has stated it is named “Exhibit A” because Exodus had planned to release “Exhibit B” soon afterward.

On October 17 the entire album was uploaded on the band’s MySpace page, however, many of the people who pre-ordered the album from CM Distro received it on October 19.

The single released from the album was “Funeral Hymn”. There was also a music video released for “Riot Act”.[1]

The song “Riot Act” was released as DLC for the video game Rock Band 2 via the Rock Band Network on June 6, 2010.

The Analysis:

Call To Arms—-Beginning with a rather ominous tone…what else would you expect? The drums are monstrous and the guitars play with you a bit before the opening of the release finally comes to fruition with…..

Riot Act—-With a seemless segue from the previous track, the music is at a much more familiar tone and pace. this is the the Thrash that you were born and raised on. Exodus pulls no punches and wastes little time on fancy introductions. They came here to bust your balls and when the vocal enters that is what will happen. This is familiar……the band is nothing less than consistent. The Metal pace is blistering and the vocal makes you look at the case…insuring that you did not put in Testament by mistake…no mistake…these are some of the Grand masters of the movement and they still have it!!!

Funeral Hymn—-This is a rather epic 8 minute track that is full of the deep blistering sounds that this band has perfected in its decades long existence. The bass delivery on this track is magnificent…the leads are just enough to set the song off and keep it from becoming a long trip into sludge and the drums are incredible…driving and played with a sense of purpose. The vocal is welcoming and comfortable….delivering line after line that inspires mayhem and destruction. the energy is literally fantastic…you could never ask more from a band that has put smile upon smile on my face simply because of its dedication to the genre and the purism that it delivers. This is fantastic!!!

Children Of A Worthless God—-Giving little time to catch your breath before the next onslaught occurs, this is another fairly blistering track that has above all thing an overwhelming sense of melody….a nice surprise but not unheard of with this band. The groove of the song is easy to fall into…this is not a face blistering assault..instead it is a rather damn accessible song that allows you to hear the words…enjoy the stellar playing and fall right int the groove. When the clean vocal enters, you truly feel the melody of the song…this is a masterful example of the maturation of a lifestyle.

As It Was, As It Soon Shall Be—-With some damn dynamic drums to kick everything off, this is laden with that trademark deep bass sound that just pleases me to no end. This is mastrerful….falling much more into the Slayer realm than expected. the vocal is so slayer reminiscent, you again reach to make sure what you are listening to. The guitar sludge is magnificent…as the drums hit nice high hats throughout and the leads embark on their very own journey to round out the track and make it even more masterful. This is classic, classic stuff!!!!

The Atrocity Exhibition—-Incredibly deep in sound and delivered with a slow and excruciating urgency that makes you smile, you wait for the final song to really take shape and deliver what you need. The onslaught is not far away…when the band really opens up you are pummeled time after time with some huge drums and a vocal that reminds me of Billy so much. this is fantastic…why have I waited so long to listen to this again…this is incredible!!!

Iconoclasm—-With some nice feedback and incredible drums to start off the track, the mayhem soon ensues and you are once again wrapped in a nice blanket full of squirming worms to set your soul on fire. this is brutal, aggressive and true to form. the vocal is a bit deeper and more removed than what I expected, but I am not disappointed…this is a mass of sound…a well driven machine and a band firing on all pistons….still…after all of these years!!!

The Garden Of Bleeding—-Rather sedate at the onset, this is surprisingly full of a bit of atmosphere and build-up that caught me a bit by surprise. Have no fear, the mayhem is not far behind as the band kicks into full gear and delivers a deep and dark sludge sound that makes you feel right at home. When the leads enter, you are further pummeled and left on the floor to recuperate as you will. this is brutal, brilliant and delivered in a masterful and practised way.

Bedlam 1-2-3—-Just brilliant! The band plays with you a bit….teasing you with the onslaught that you know will occur but is taking it’s time to get there. This is bass and drum heavy…with some nice sharp cymbal taps in the process. When the leads kick in you have this huge melody coming together that takes you a little bit by surprise…this is just brilliant. You do not often associate Thrash with melody…that is why this band is still around. This is brutal…driving and full of aggression…delivering a familiar sound with a surprisingly fresh approach…I love this CD!!!!

Bonded By Banjo [Hidden Track]—-This is silly, inane and really unecessary…..whatever!

****1/2 out of 5